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Originally posted by Gauntlet:
It's a sandbox... so most people build their own stories.

Yes, definitely. :) That's a really great thing we can do. But equally, I like the stories that game devs want to present to us, sometimes. Anyway, I'm just wondering if some factions are harder to play, or less appealing for other reasons. Terran Resistance, for instance - it seems to be among the less popular ones?
Just taking a glance at the global achievement stats... I'm sure many of you excellent players have won with factions, but the % figures seem low. Do most of you go with Custom factions?
Paveway: do the hotfix, I brought up the issue and they quickly included a fix in the hotfix patch. It's back to normal now.
Feb 24 @ 7:03am
In topic Space combat: Schools of thought
Originally posted by Infarkt:
my point is: Fix certain things before changing combat or adding something else.
Make the game - as it is - better - then try to improve again, and again, then add new things.

I'm thinking of the buglist in the techforum.

Please, Brad. It will work better if you have a nearly bugfree basegame, players who like it and so on - and after that you add new things. The benefit for both is higher. One step after another.

I have to agree very strongly with this sentiment. Of course you have to release DLCs for revenue, but at some point - just like in the game :p - you will have to consolidate for some serious bug-fixing. Right now, I wouldn't say the game is fully playable.
Feb 24 @ 12:57am
In topic Space combat: Schools of thought
I think right now it's fine as it is.
Hi! Sorry, just wanted to try and understand this bit:

Changed Tourism adjacency on the Consulate bonus to 200% from 2%.

This is the issue I brought up. So, what does this change mean? Was "2%" causing the revenue to jump several hundred %?

Just asking out of curiosity. :)
Thank you! :)
Ok, it appears that the Consulate building on any Influence-boosting tile improvement will give the wrong % buff, amounting to the hundreds.
It could be Consulates, or Ancient Wonder tile... one of these
Actually the problem here is really simple, I think. The Ancient Wonder tile improvement grants my Consulate 600% Tourism. This seems to be the wrong number.

I want to say first that I appreciate the work you guys are doing, and to hang in there, because this stuff can be tough. :)

I think there is a new bug that wasn't there before this update? I made a discussion thread about it. I'm getting way too much tourist income all of a sudden (10k per turn), and I think it's a decimal point misplaced somewhere.

Feb 22 @ 12:27am
In topic Lunar sale price...
Well, they probably will follow the regular retail cycles. So, I guess we can wait for the Summer sale. It'll also give Stardock a chance to clean out some of their most recent game-breaking bugs...
"All our tourists are flocking in unbelievable numbers to your consulate on Dresden IV... and spending insane amounts of money! We bow before the ineluctable might of your tacky souvenirs and overpriced theme park rides"
Crusades with 3.5 hotfix patch, no Retribution (yet)

Suddenly one of my planets is bringing in over 10k in Tourism revenue, this is still the early game...

Mouseover shows 600% of Influenced tiles, with just a Consulate on Ancient Wonders.

So I guess someone misplaced a decimal point or something.

And suddenly the galaxy is quivering before my "vast power"...
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