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yƶy Mar 5 @ 3:37pm 
yoooo guess what? it's the weekend aka relax and chill time!! take it easy and enjoy it!! :plum_disguised:
yƶy Mar 1 @ 4:23am 
happy monday, happy new week, and also happy new month aka wave 3 of 2021, may it treat you well :Yeah: this month marks 1 year since quarantine wtf time flying by these days. be well my friend and enjoy the new week to it's fullest :pow::pow:
yƶy Feb 26 @ 8:43am 
ayyy wassup!! it's been a bit, how has wave 2 of 2k21 been for ya? hopefully all good :ok_abs: it's nearly the weekend, be sure to take it easy. have great weekend festivities!!! as always, take care of yourself :kappadesu::heartbubble:
yƶy Jan 13 @ 7:35am 
whats new? happy hump day to ya :flintsmile: hopefully everything is going smooth so far this week. we're halfway to weekend celebrations so look forward to that! have a great rest of your week and a even greater upcoming weekend! :revheart:
yƶy Jan 8 @ 3:42am 
hey hey what's going on, did the first week treat you well? good news is that it's friday, so hopefully you can put your feet up for a bit and chillax! have a great weekend! :hdwink::swbfrestrictivemindtrick:
yƶy Dec 31, 2020 @ 10:20pm 
it's actually here....it's 2021 - happy new year to you all!!! i wish each and every one of you happiness, success, good health, and a good time in this new chapter!!! got any resolutions for the new year? this also marks one year since i've been sending out these cheesy comments to you guys, all i want to say is thank you putting up with them and for taking the time to read them, it truly means the world to me. bad news is comments won't stop, sorry but you gotta put up with them for another year. once again, happy new year 2021 to you all! here's to another 365 days :pdgrin::KnightBeer::kb2_heart: