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Eh. Changing Profile names for an achievement? Why not?!
BTW, Never get GMod unless you intend to use multiplayer for it. Singleplayer in my opinion is a real let-down.
Also, thanks to CaesarVincens for helping me on most of my submods, I can't recall all of the ones he helped me on, but you can likely assume most have had his help on making them :)
I'm no longer working on the KRE series of mods. The China rework changed a LOT of stuff and it's currently a giant mess. As a result, they only work on the Northern Lights(Scandanavia patch) version of the game. I would add more, but the submod packages are currently fried since all of them are out of date in comparison to KR, so yah, no more working on them. (May return to em eventually, I have backups just in case)
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Angelblue1032 Jul 3 @ 2:11pm 
Well I see that he said he wasn't updating it anymore, but nothing about allowing people to update it(granted that didn't stop the 1.7 version)
William Dai Jul 3 @ 12:08pm 
Well, you can go to see the comment and reply of the original Ming and Qing mod and translate it. You'll know I'm telling the truth
Angelblue1032 Jul 3 @ 11:58am 
Huh. Well I'd need proof like a screenshot or something before I'd take it at your word. I'm not taking any chances.
William Dai Jul 3 @ 11:30am 
Yes, he did it. He said it in Baidu Post Bar
Angelblue1032 Jul 3 @ 10:21am 
He did? Huh.
William Dai Jul 3 @ 12:50am 
Hello, I Have seen that you can make Ming and Qing Mod for 1.9 but you need to get permission from the original creator. I need to tell you the original creator had given up update this mod and allow everyone to update it. XD