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bunny de fluff Sep 12 @ 5:08am 
gitgudskrub, who ever you are, I am sorry if you felt offended, but to me the borderland the shooter game sucks, the borderland the adventure game is somehow better, this is the truth. I do not understand what you meant by "known troll", I just voice my opinions as I feel them. It is not like I go to every game forum and say the same thing, I only went to borderland forum to say it sucks, because it does.
bunny de fluff Sep 12 @ 5:03am 
borderland 2 sucks
Nobody Sep 11 @ 11:03pm 
she really must be on her rags today this one
Nobody Sep 11 @ 11:02pm 
known troll. comments rubbish on games it doesnt even own
bunny de fluff May 17 @ 6:50am 
dont remove me fluffy!
ғʟᴜғғʏ May 17 @ 6:12am 
Removing as friend because we never chat.