Cotton Eye Joe
AKA Cotton Eyed Joe
I'm not looking to trade or promote/advertise websites.

Please do not randomly add me unless I have played a game with you.

No, I will not join or vote for your tournament team.

Currently In-Game
The Escapists
Please do not add me asking to trade for my items. I do not want to trade any of them. I saved up to trade for specific items for my classes to wear in TF2, and will not trade them away.
Grand Admiral Jammies Aug 13 @ 10:51pm 
+rep a very respectable teacher ;)
Shrek has clout Jul 24 @ 3:25pm 
Cotton Eye Joe Jul 19 @ 3:45pm 
I reported you to the feet police :steamfacepalm:
Shrek has clout Jul 19 @ 2:10pm 
Where are they cotton
Cotton Eye Joe Jul 19 @ 11:33am 
Oh ♥♥♥♥ lemme send some
Shrek has clout Jul 19 @ 4:56am 
Sorry for bothering you but I accidentaly reported you on steam and thr only way to undo that is to send me your feet pics. Please respond