Znojmo, Jihomoravsky Kraj, Czech Republic
Ah, traveler, how did you find me here? Do you lost ? I'll show you the way out if you help me with one small task. Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet, my name is Clency in the full name Clency Alelmory.

I am from the kingdom of lordaeron, specifically in a place now called Eastern Plaguends in the civilian city of Stratholme. And what do you ask? Why am I not dead now? Well, it's easy, I became a member of Cult of Damned and became the main spreader of Plague. Um? Yes, well, I didn't have a nice childhood. Everyone condemned me for being different because of my hand, I don't know how I got there. It is said that when they found me as a child, I already had a "disability", as they called it, today I call it the hand of the plague. My family, which adopted me, also condemned me, especially my brother Valaar Alelmory, who was also adopted. I stopped enjoying it, I wanted to be somewhere where I'm not the only pervert, so I joined the cult. So how come I became Forsaken? Well, because the cult I became more powerful, thanks to my hand for the plague by the way, if you are interested. And my master Kelthuzad wanted to get rid of me because he was afraid of my power. He sent me to Deathknel, where they subsequently tortured me and left me to rot the ugly tomb. When I was revived, I didn't remember anything, I didn't know who I was, where I was and I also missed my hand. Upstairs, I was surprised to hear that part of the Scourge had disengaged from Arthas' power and become Forsaken. I had the choice of joining them or going my own way, I joined Forsaken because I didn't know where else to go, so I had no choice. As I performed various tasks for Queen Sylvanas and for the Horde, I gradually began to remember. The main part I remembered was something with Sylvanas, I immediately arrived at the Undercity to talk to the Queen, she knew who I was, and she told me my past. She didn't want revenge for what I had done, because she thing if iam dead iam become someone else now, but I had to swear Sylvanas' complete loyalty. I became a co-founder of the Apotheracy Society. And I helped the Horde against all threats. How did I get my hand back? Naxramaras arrived in Plaguends, where he leded by Kelthuzad, and with anger in me against Kelthuzad, I ordered an attack on Naxramas, which we won, and I found my hand on the remains of my former master. Well enough gossip, now for the task, we heard the news that Scarlet Crusade is penetrating more into our territory. Your task is to kill 5 Scarlet Paladins and their leader Murdooc the Retrubution. As proof that you have completed my task, bring me his head. As a reward you will receive this paladin gear Fap Hand which adds 5 intelligence points and 3 stamina points.
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