[SL] birdymcbirdingson
you dont need to know   Poland
im a lonely bird with nothing to do in life so i waste it playing video games

if you want a friend till the end you found the right person
dont trade with me i have no clue how to go check my friends they know how to

-online thinking what to do
-away not actually away just playing a none steam game or watching youtube
-offline either dead (becuse i never go offline fully) or just on holidays
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+rep bird....
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+rep a good bird :D
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SilverBolt Jun 4 @ 5:29am 
judge: we have braught you to court for a reason, do you know that reason?
victim: tell them what you did jerry you, you monster!
criminal scum: i..I... stole your avacados
judge:what in gods name led you to steal this mans avacados...
criminal scum: gwakamoley
judge: jury have we reached a verdict
jury: yes your honour, we find the deffendant... guilty by reasons of insanity
judge: criminal scum i sentence you to death by ravenous monkeys...guards, take him away
criminal scum: no no please aaaaaaaahghhhhhhhhh
[SL] birdymcbirdingson May 11 @ 7:21am 
tweet tweet
bird, the beta version May 11 @ 7:20am 
we r brothers.