California, United States
"Gotta admit yourself you need some help I gotta admit myself i'm on these drugs i feel like i cant save myself sometimes i wanna take my self and break myself to reshape myself no body has ever felt the pain i felt so i share it with the world i ain't in embarrassed" -Juice Wrld 999 forever

Your skin is not paper,so don’t cut it”

“Your neck is not a coat,so don’t hang it”

“Your Height is not a book,so don’t judge it”

“Your life is not a movie,so don’t end it”

Scout- you're literally like a brother to me, thank you showing me juice wrld that shiy changed my life and I'm so glad we got to bond with his music. You've made high school so much enjoyable I'm so glad I met you, high school wouldn't be the same without you bring my friend. I'm glad you showed me many things like drawing memes rust etc I love you man you're my bestest friend ever I love you man I'm glad I have you

Josh- Literally the funniest friend ever😂😂😂😂 you make me laugh after every sentence you do Idk why its pleasure to be friends with you man because you're one of the ppl I have fun playing games with, we're able to rekt kids with smgs and it's just alot of fun to play games together even though we usually end up getting clapped xD not to mention you're the best memester in the world your memes will always make me laugh I love ya man

Cyberdog233/Cyberiandog233/Cyberious-the buttface, my big brother,and the person I talk to make him feel like the buttface you are <3stay a buttface love you <3

Ducky-The best dude in tf2 in db,and stood up to people being mean to me on steam youre an awesome brother <3 I'll still be getting your unusual love you bro <3

Ramy-the dude that showed me Unturned and the bro that did db with me a lot also one the first people I met on steam<3. Stay cool bro love you <3

Rocio is so hawt <3
I love you rocio <3
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kath 333 Sep 14 @ 5:38am 
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kath 333 Sep 14 @ 5:38am 
:shigure2: :tinder:
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