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✪ sandmann Jul 17 @ 2:48pm 
-rep trigger
Z A N S H I N ☯♍ Jul 5 @ 4:15pm 
-rep csgo
Andree Feb 11 @ 10:51pm 
- rep ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cheater , you go on VACation
Pnegiun Jan 22 @ 9:52am 
-rep Really mixed feelings about this kid. He is somewhat of a decent aimer but sometimes just lacks the consistancy of a non-autistic human being. Toxic is a ground element of this mans existance and he was most likley dropped on his head at early ages. This man should def be avoided if you are anywhere near the ages of 1-15. He also tried to scam my friend whilst he was trying to scam him so the circle just keeps going really. He likes to have profile pictures of diffrent animals yet he likes children.:steamthumbsup:
Nuuutmeeg Jan 22 @ 9:50am 
-rep incredibly toxic player, most probably cheating aswell