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Yes, I'm the droid from the surprisingly obscure game, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. That game deserved a sequel for Alloy's sake! Even the thousands of people who played it wanted one!

*groan* Why does it matter that I mention this? It's like I'm the only one on Steam that has ever heard of the "discontinued" franchise!

Want to know who I blame for Metal Arms not being continued? Vivendi Universal Games. It was their fault for giving the IP to Blizzard, who did absolutely nothing to take advantage of it after acquiring it since 2005. Can you believe that? Even the author of Metal Arms, Steve Ranck, tried to gain back the IP but Blizzard refused to give it up. Because of that, not even an HD remaster would be possible!

Well, rest in piece, Metal Arms.
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can you accept myoffer plaese :)
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It's still on so you might wanna take that down ;)
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You're a tad late. :)
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Hey, i made a icon of glitch, you can use it if you want
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