Sgt. Blueruond   United States
Hi there. Name's spaceman51, formerly known in the foam-ridden war against the mechanized, rogue DOX Drones as SGT "Blueround," call code 501, of Comms Division (Delta). Stuff I do: slam robot scum, make big kabooms, avoid flying whenever possible, break down doors, get us into sticky situations ALL THE DAMN TIME, and throw 'nades like something out of Dude Perfect always in RL but somehow NEVER IN GAMES. (Explain that last one to me and you win 20 galactic credits.) Squad leader? Yes. Hero or credit taker? No. That's what my fearless teammate standing beside me is for.

Two things I never do are 1) forget to login to Discord, and 2) leave HQ without my trusty, shiny, John Wayne style shotgun for pulverizing cyborg baddies, of which the exact ammo type is classified, but boy ain't she a beauty? :D
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