mix / merc :)   Auxerre, Bourgogne, France
:csgostar: L3RDZ :csgostar:
stuck in the middle -
- ETF2L Season 25 1st place
- ETF2L Winter Cup 2nd place
- ETF2L Preseason Cup S26 3rd place
- ETF2L Season 26 6th place
- ETF2L Season 30 Division 2 HIgh

3/3/2016 - ***BEAT HUGO AT MGE*** :D

I'm the sniper -

17:09 - Zip: nice name :D
17:10 - Avacado: dont question
17:10 - Avacado: my religion

Demieus: yeah we put haggis on our pizza in scottland
AWJ: really?!
Demieus: no you fucking idiot

KRKT: how can seven have that many hours and still be a complete vegetable wheelchair fuck

22:48 - zéFrosty: you just have no cfg a shit laptop and a tesco mouse
22:48 - Zip: xD
22:48 - zéFrosty: for your setup you are basically a god

KRKT: We can ask AJ's girlfriend to fuck about for money

zipppppp: need a roamer merc if ur free
light: ah sorry bro
light: had a girlfriend to attend to , she wanted to watch the avangers the dumb whore

:csgoglobe: - A medic frag video

:csgostar: Je suis prem :csgostar:
Salt wall ;D
Wall of Salt::steamsalty:
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : so mutch aimbot
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : wait
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : i report u
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : f2p
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : i know
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : u hacker
!reg ★ Zip : who is?
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : u are
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : u aimboting
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : i reporting u
!reg ★ Zip : ok
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : am gonna ban u
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : i quid
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : so mutch aimbot
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : your getting ban
arcanefrostf joins arena Viaduct Middle.
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : see u
!reg ★ Zip : lol
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : getting ban on steeam
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : i screen shoy
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : so
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : i send it to an admin
!reg ★ arcanefrostf : send it right now
Player arcanefrostf left the game (Disconnect by user.)

ıт Zip: no :>
gala: you have god aim with that thing lol
gala: killed me three times in row
Banana: lol
Banana: fuqd up

sevenTB: can't be fucked to play with shit cunts
sevenTB: and when you dickheads just fucking stack it's fucking dumb
sevenTB: except your scout he's fucking trash
sevenTB: and all you fucking do is spam stickys like a fucking newfag... nty kid
Zip: ?
sevenTB: my team was trash...
sevenTB: aka fucking shite
sevenTB: and you just fucking stack the teams
sevenTB: so cba
sevenTB: and all you do is fucking stickyspam like a fucking little child
sevenTB: aka fucking stupid
sevenTB: and sad

.Qc`Zip mix / merc (Score:20) defeats dotcomrobots (Score:19) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle
!reg ★ dotcomrobots : keep up the try hard
!reg ★ dotcomrobots : you're funny
!reg ★ dotcomrobots : is soldier your main ?
!reg ★ .Qc`Zip mix / merc : medic is my main
!reg ★ dotcomrobots : you're fucking cunt noob
!reg ★ dotcomrobots : reeally shitty fuck

00:00 - Saucy Butts LFT : u cant hit pipes so you use stickies
00:00 - Saucy Butts LFT : i swear to god i will cut you
00:01 - Saucy Butts LFT : use stickies again and i will actually find you and cut your dick off, then feed it to my isis member of a dog
00:01 - Saucy Butts LFT left the game (Disconnect by user.)
00:01 - Saucy Butts LFT: im done
00:01 - Saucy Butts LFT: unfriended
00:01 - Saucy Butts LFT: blocked
00:01 - Saucy Butts LFT: rep'd
00:02 - Zip mix/merc: ^
00:03 - Saucy Butts LFT: im done and to tired for this shit
00:04 - Saucy Butts LFT: cyz tomorrow u fucking child rapist traficer peice of white sis trash who liks the asses of homeless people cuz he doesnt have money for food, cuz he spends his time raping kids
00:04 - Saucy Butts LFT: *spits on you*
00:04 - Saucy Butts LFT: ew
00:04 - Saucy Butts LFT: not mad tho

sevenTB: your team is full of retards
sevenTB: the reason i hate you on demo is coz you're shit and just sticky spam
.Qc`Zip: ^^
sevenTB: like you have 0 skill
sevenTB: on demo
sevenTB: And you're a cunt when you have no skill.. Which is 24/7
.Qc`Zip: 860 dm with pipes :P
sevenTB: congratz kid
sevenTB: im not even going to entertain your 1 pipe kill out of like 30
sevenTB: it's just all you do
sevenTB: is sticky spam
sevenTB: it's so fucking dumb
sevenTB: like get some skill
sevenTB: A pubber could get skills the way you do
.Qc`Zip: and i do well with my shitty pub skills
18:56 - sevenTB: It's not hard to have no skill you retard
18:56 - sevenTB: Coz you sticky spam
18:56 - sevenTB: You're bad lol
18:56 - .Qc`Zip: you died a lot
18:57 - sevenTB: Coz I was on a bad team and your team spammed

23:34 - Saucy Butts LFT: no
23:34 - Saucy Butts LFT: no
23:34 - Saucy Butts LFT: no
23:34 - Saucy Butts LFT: im so fucking done
23:35 - Saucy Butts LFT: i quit
23:35 - Saucy Butts LFT: no
23:36 - Saucy Butts LFT: no
Saucy Butts LFT : !remove
23:36 - Saucy Butts LFT: no
23:36 - Zip mix/merc: are u coming back or what
23:36 - Saucy Butts LFT: i just wanna play like trash on my own terms
23:39 - Saucy Butts LFT: i just want to get hit by a car rn
23:40 - Saucy Butts LFT: im gonna get my bike out the garage and drive onto the motorway the wrong way, brb

Zip mix/merc : ^^
Ult1mate : prec it you retard
Ult1mate : you think it was a good play?
Ult1mate : ahahah
Zip mix/merc : nice drop
Ult1mate : you excuse
Ult1mate : of a player
Zip mix/merc : lol

Bender : I want to dress up as you for halloween zip
Bender : You are now my sensei
Bender : Teach me master.
Bender : Get tired of beating my ass? x)
Bender : So, got any pointers for me? Anything very specific I should be working on improving?
Zip mix/merc : well tbh im a medic main so
Bender : Salt in my wounds
Bender : Getting rekt by a med main. <.<

TFL : why u bow nty
TFL joined team SPECTATORS
LaggLord MM? : rage quitting bitch
Zip mix/merc : my loadout just came back
TFL : we dont have any weapons kid
LaggLord MM? : you do
LaggLord MM? : smartass
TFL : wow
TFL : no bow
TFL : no saw
TFL : much wow kid
TFL : die in piss

*DEAD* Terrawin : mge me kids
Zip mix/merc : didn't u know that trash talking before a game
Zip mix/merc : doesnt mean you win
Terrawin : lol
Terrawin : mge me zip
Terrawin : right now
Terrawin : dare?
Zip mix/merc : lol
Terrawin : just saying
LaggLord MM? : you want to prove yourself
Terrawin : yep
LaggLord MM? : so you wanna MGE a med main?
Terrawin : mge me
Terrawin : yep
Terrawin : I'll mge you as med
Zip mix/merc : haha
Terrawin : zip
Terrawin : sorry for your shit soldier
Terrawin : lagglord
Zip mix/merc : np we won and totally trashed you
*DEAD* Terrawin : why am I still here with these faggots
Terrawin left the game (Disconnect by user.)

23:12 - Ziperino: shotgun deny is quite tryhard when ur not winning in mge :D
23:12 - °Bobinsky: everyone is a tryhard
23:13 - °Bobinsky: but does that make surfing less gay than shotgun deny?

Blu N3xus fuck
Blu N3xus wth
Blu N3xus fuck thsi
Blu N3xus this
Blu N3xus i am bad today
Blu N3xus :(
Blu N3xus fuck off spammer
Blu N3xus stop spamming faggot
Blu N3xus fuk
Blu N3xus idiot
Blu N3xus retarded spammer
Blu N3xus moron
Red la soupe aux zip ^
Blu N3xus faggot

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Hey mon ami français, comment vas-tu ? Je te deteste énormément <3
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rest in peace big boi :(
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