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I recommend this game cause its story is intriguing. You have idea what you should do next and the story will guide you to finish the game. It is often compared with Agony as they are alike, such as the Lovecraft style scenes and creatures, some sexual connotation design and the idea of the story that shows unspeakable evil. I wonder if it is the same crew that made the art design. However, I think Lust for Darkness is better that Agony as the story and the gameplay feel more organized, and it is less clueless and dizzy, although it doesn’t feel as grand as Agony.

Some cons:

- Control. When you crouch you feel like you are attached to the floor and move very slow in left and right direction.

- Camera shakes a lot. Especially when in the infinite staircase it shakes crazily. No wonder many people complained about feeling dizzy in this game.

- Optimization is poor. FPS bounces a lot in different scenes.

- Voice acting, to be more specific, the volume. Sometimes you can hear very clearly and sometimes you can just hear people mumble.

- Plus, I don't very appreciate the way of interaction. You literally need to pull things out with your mouse. Can't it be designed to press E and let the computer do the rest things?

- Bug. I have asked for a overtime refund, cause I encountered a unsolved bug that my game crashed and unable to proceed after I solved the infinite staircase puzzle. So I didn't completely finish this game.
Posted May 22. Last edited May 22.
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Resident Evil 7 is a brand new start of this franchise. For the first time it is designed to be a FPS, offering much more immersive experience and spooky atmosphere. What’s more, all characters of the previous games are put aside and a brand new character is created, to tell a horrifying biohazard story at the angle of an ordinary human being, not as powerful as the characters from before that survived tons of bullets, countless explosions, aircraft and car crash, piles of zombies and enormous monsters. I guess the dev has realized if large-scale biohazard disasters are very not likey to happen frequently. So wisely they didn’t launch another bio attack, but chose to present a small bio leak in a country house in Louisiana.

By doing this, Resident Evil 7 goes back to the origin of the franchise, a survival terror, with limited resources and slots and at the same time having a terrifying atmosphere. Although the survival part is not as tough as Resident Evil 1 (and it is a good thing), the atmosphere part surpasses all the previous works. Less zombies, yet more scary.

I like the change of it, and it is fine to put the beloved characters aside and create a new one. Still, I hope the story of those characters goes on in the next Resident Evil or next RE revelations cause I like all the characters and stories of previous Resident Evil.

The main game is around 10 to 11 hours, DLCs should provide another 10 hours playtime.

Not a Hero tells the story (actually just kill some zombies and not much to tell) of Chris Redfield, which extends the backstory and gives us some information on how things go after Resident Evil 6. The reform of umbrella and the resurface of a new secret bio terror organization (these are also shown in the main game but more details are revealed in DLC). As for gameplay, it is like an enhanced version of the adventure of Ethan (protagonist of the main game), as Chris is stronger and has more powerful gears, and also faces more zombies.

End of Zoe is the extension of the main game story, is the follow-up of the character Zoe you will meet in the main game. In a word, this DLC is Street Fighter first person and beating up zombies version. You beat all these scary creatures to death and blast their head with bare hands. Quite unbelievable but all right, another superhuman character. What is unconvincing is the Bakers has been infected three years ago and it is at these time that this character, Jack’s brother suddenly jumps out of nowhere. From the teaser and the videotape in the main game can be inferred that the missing of the Bakers is widely spread. Where was this family loving man during these three years? Not even a visit? In addition, this DLC can be a challenge if you decide to use no weapon all the way like I did for an achievement.

Banned footage contains a mode like the raid mode in RE revelations, a room escape, a walking simulator and a card game. This card game 21 is very fun.

There are two more additional modes in DLC that I didn’t play much.

+ The plots is solid and more convincing than the stories of the previous works, and a different perspective towards bio terror.
+ Very spooky atmosphere and immersive experience.
+ Some very successful scenes, especially the basement that really gives me a creep.
+ DLCs are worthy, having various kinds of contents.
+ Great voice acting with South American accents (the Bakers).

No obvious drawback in my opinion, though I have some tiny nitpicks.

This is Capcom’s first FPS game, and it seems to have minor issues on aiming and accuracy.
Protagonists move so slow that it is difficult to dodge attack sometimes.
Flashlight is uncontrollable, it should be turned on in some very dark places, like the basement, to provide better vision to aim, but it doesn’t.
Posted May 15. Last edited May 16.
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An all-time classic.
Posted May 14.
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A highly satisfying teaser. It's a complete horror game in a mini scale, with very spooky atmosphere and four different endings.

Really need walkthrough to reach the perfect one.
Posted May 11.
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Killer is dead is a very stylish game featuring in both art design and story telling. Its art style is something between anime and realism, putting line and shadow into good use. It reminds me of Kill Bill, Sin City and some B rate movies Quentin Tarantino and other directors produced. They look pretty alike. One nitpick is the color of graphics feels gray and dark and not vivid.

The story is in B rate movie style and mixes with some features from Japanese anime and comic, like the ganki character Mika. Divided into twelve separated episodes, most of story are cases the protagonist works on. Each episode is not closely related to each other, but certain link exists. Honestly, I don’t really understand the story. It is not very logical but I guess it is a part of being stylish and not the point players should care. Anyway, it is humorous and complete and that is okay.

The world of Killer is dead is bizarre. You will travel to gloomy vampire castle, modern skyscraper, high tech military base, traditional Japanese garden and even the dark side of the moon, fighting different kinds of enemies including mechanical life, vampire, monster, giant, alien (not actually fight with), ronin and so on.

What’s important is, there are four hot girls for you to hit on. Well, the date part is a mess. I don’t know why the heck peeping a girl’s body grants you a chance of giving presents, and it is kind of against feminism to extend relationship by giving presents, but who the heck cares. Girls are very pretty (I took tons of screenshots) and I am already highly satisfied. It’s funny that each time you have a date with one of your girlfriends, another girlfriend will call you, reminding what kind of jerk you are having relationship with three women at the same time haha (four actually, as one never calls).

One interesting thing is the character Moon River looks like Audrey Hepburn, and Audrey has this song Moon River. Guess it is a way of memorial.

+ Stylish art design, and very beautiful female characters.
+ Hack and slash is enjoyable.
+ Humorous story.
+ Various and interesting gameplay.

Thers are other tiny nitpicks not worth mention. However, there is one fatal drawback in this game.

- Quick time event in the boss fight of episode 4 is not for human. It is impossible to beat. I tried a dozen times and found a way to beat phrase 1 -put your controller on your thigh and use your index finger, pressing X button at moderate speed- neither too fast nor too slow. It is also the trick of successful revival after death. Yet in phrase 2, I tried more than thirty times in every possible way- I think I almost smashed my controller and mouse and my finger almost cramped- but I was never able to make it. I had to use ghost mouse like the community suggests to make it through. I don’t know why the hell it was designed like this. Circumstances may vary cause some players claimed they didn’t have this situation, but I did and fxxk it.
Posted May 11. Last edited May 11.
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Things need to know before buy this game

Honestly, it is not a FPS. It is a walking simulator with guns. Don’t expect exciting gun blazing. Gunplay in this game is slow paced and not very enjoyable. It is just an addition that help pull back your attention.

Technically, it should be tapped as stealth. Stealth is a much wiser tactical move in this game, compared to fire. What’s more, you are advised to avoid open conflict in the game, or there will be negative consequences (although I didn’t notice what the consequences are).

It is not one of Bandai Namco anime or comic games. If not published by Bandai Namco, it would be an indie game focuses on story telling.

I rather tag Get Even as mystery, story-narrated, psychology thriller. It is an exploration game, whose main point is to tell a story by exploring the truth and finding pieces of evidence. Do consider if it is your type of game before buying.

The game

At the very beginning you are thrown into a wreck without knowing what is going on, and in this game, it is up to you to find out what happened, what is happening and the truth behind all these, by collecting evidence (a lot, and hidden) and pushing the story forward. The story only tells you the big picture, the rest details are up to your own collection. Noted that evidence you find won’t explicitly tell you anything, as they are just fragments. You need to use your brain to put every pieces together in your mind to figure out the details.

The story is exquisite, but it is not for everyone. For those who only enjoy popcorn movies or cheesy action or romance films, say goodbye to this game, it is going to be boring to you. In my opinion, its setting is a little like the movie Inception, except in this game is memory to be excavated, which justifies the plot and adds twists to it. Even so, I can’t say I very enjoy this game. It is tiring since not only I need to collect many pieces of evidence and put them together, trying hard to infer the details and the hidden facts, but the narrative method it uses contains large amount of fragmented information that needs me to carefully organize my ideas, preventing any missing information or misleading. If you enjoy inference and have lots of patience for that, it wouldn’t be a problem, but for me who isn’t very patient, it really exhausted me.

+ Well written story, with surprising twists.
+ Well selected music.
+ Vivid voice acting.
+ Very very immersive. I really feel like I was the character, since I only have information as the character does.
+ The puppet master part is a very successful psychological thriller.

- Stealth mechanic is a bit broken. I can’t really tell the perceived zone of enemy. Players lack means to distract enemies. What’s worse is even in the darkness where you can’t see a thing enemies can still see you.
- Feels like the game is pushing you forward. You can’t go back to previous room once you enter the next room as the door shuts, unless you have finished the whole chapter. For a game that really needs to slow down and consider I don’t think pushing forward is appropriate.
- Large amount of information could be a burden, like I write above.
- Indoor and outdoor optimization varies. My PC run very smoothly in indoor scene, but outdoors FPS dropped significantly so I had to adjust graphics setting.

Generally speaking, it is a well made game with exquisite script and novel narrative and thereby it picks its players. Buy with caution and wait on sale.
Posted May 7. Last edited May 7.
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My first playthrough was in 2013. Six years later I am still very satisfied playing Arkham City.

+ Different characters are logically linked together with well-written script, in which also shows the complexity of Bruce Wayne’s personality.
+ A great feature of having multiple playable characters. Batman and Catwoman in the main game, and Robin in DLC. (Is Nightwing also playable?)
+ Combat is improved to be more playful compared to Asylum. It is neither too easy like Asylum nor too hard, but provides a reasonable challenge (at normal difficulty).
+ Some very cinematic cutscenes.

No weaknesses, just my little nitpick.
- At hard difficulty enemies are very difficult to beat up for their crazily long health bar and less time to react. Not recommend to play at this difficulty.
Posted April 26. Last edited April 26.
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Not so well.

I use controller and I don't know why, the wheel is too sensitive to control. Car is always out of control and slips or drifts and causes all sorts of accident.
Posted April 26. Last edited April 26.
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Very immersive. It is a first person RAC, not a third person RAC that you can see the car body.

Got it as a giveaway at Christmas. I rarely play RAC so I don't have much to talk about.

There are rules in F1 and I know zero. For me who learned to drive from GTA, I got lots of warnings and black flags for cutting corner and bumping other's cars out of the track haha.

Need more guidance.
Posted April 26. Last edited April 26.
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I haven’t played any Metal Gear series before, except for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance that is an ACT and very different with Metal Gear Solid series. So I had no idea what the previous story is. In the menu when enter the game, you can choose to read the previous story. No video, just words. My guess is Hideo Kohima, as a game director who is renowned for cinematic game experience, felt too bothered to make a video for it cause he requires high standard.

With the basic clue of what have happened, I started the Ground Zero mission, which is to save two comrades of the protagonist from a military base. It just took me two hours, as Ground Zero only has one map and one mission. After finishing it, there are some additional side quests to play with on the same map.

+ Cinematic experience created in one long take.
+ Story that focuses on plot and twist.
+ Stealth is fine.

- Minor control issue on motion.
- Infamously PC unfriendly as a Konami game, no keyboard bidding (I can't find it), only bidding for controller.

Turn off shooting assistant if use keyboard and mouse. It’s for controller. Using mouse to shoot with it on feels odd.

Just a little prequel of Phantom Pain.
Posted April 25. Last edited April 25.
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