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Remember Me is a work of Dontnude, the studio behind the famous title Life Is Strange. Dontnude is good at story, and I like Life Is Strange despite it being a walking simulator that lacks playability. Remember Me is way before Life Is Strange, and was launched during the Xbox/PS3 era when narrative-oriented games that lack playability were much less appreciated. Therefore, Dontnude made Remember Me an ACT, which they are not good at at all and they did so bad.

As an ACT the game doesn’t have good control but more importantly is the combat mechanic. The combat mechanic is to perform different moves in certain orders to perform combo like a rhythm game. The more complicated the combo is, the more powerful it is. However, performing a combo is frustrating. Combo must follow certain orders and there is no way to make your own combo. Once you disrupt the order, they are just plain attacks. Whereas simple combo is weak, making it even worse because the complicated combo is not only hard to memorize the orders but also easy to interrupt and make mistakes. I became frustrated for it a lot and ended up beating the game by mostly using plain attacks. Meanwhile, there are just a few types of enemies, and the only difference in different levels is just the number. They did badly at level design as well. Each level follows almost the same pattern and is so predictable. You basically just walk/climb for a while, beat some bad guys, then solve some puzzles or watch some cutscenes and that it is. Throughout the whole game you just repeatedly beat the same kinds of bad guys in a frustrating way and go through the story in a predictable pattern. By no means it is fun at all.

The story was supposed to be their strong suit, but they fu*cked this up. It’s been so long since I beat this game, I don’t remember the details. But my impression is the plot doesn’t make much sense. It is unreasonable and unconvincing as they wanted to make some twists at the end and made the story all about the protagonist herself. Combining with the defective mechanics and level design makes my negative review.

Dontnude also launched the game Vampyr. I played it on both Origin Access and Xbox Game Pass but I never managed to finish it. I don’t know much about the plot, but it has very bad control and seems to me that Dontnude fu*cked up again. So for Dontnude titles, just buy narrative games like Life Is Strange and don’t bother buying its ACT games.
Posted July 2. Last edited July 2.
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Saints Row: Gat out of hell is a tiny spinoff of Saints Row 4. The story follows after the boss/the resident (aka you) saved the world from alien, who is later abducted by the lord of hell. You play as Johnny Gat and Kenzie entering hell and saving the boss.

I presume whoever is interested in this game has a basic knowledge of what Saints Row franchise is like: the story is ridiculously funny and players just mess around and do some ridiculous shenanigans, and Gat Out of Hell is no exception. Compared to Saints Row 4, guns, abilities, homies and environment are different, and you have wings so you literally can fly, unlike Saints Row 4 where you can only glide. But inherited straightly from Saints Row 4, whose are from Saints Row 3, the game uses exactly the same mechanics. The same shooting, upgrade system, side quest, activities, challenges and collectibles, but with all the customizations (character, outfit, vehicle, weapon) removed and a different mission framework that main quest depends on the progress of your side quest, activity, challenge. Once you finish enough, main quest missions will automatically unlock, which are just a few. You might feel being forced to do side stuff, but fortunately, you don't have to do a lot, and they are far easier than counterparts in Saints Row 4. The game is short even you do all things.

The game has some minor issues. Because it uses flying as movement, the control is clumsy and often overrun when you want to stop at an exact spot. Picking up weapons and reloading use the same key resulting you often accidentally drop your weapons. I don’t know if it is my PC or everyone that the game is so dark even I have adjusted brightness to the maximum, I can barely see things in the tunnel. But overall, they are not too inconvenient.

I honestly had lots of fun, especially I like the musical in the main quest because I am a sucker for it, but is this game good? It is questionable. The game itself is kind of cheesy and genetic, but if you want to extend your experience in Saints Row 4, or you like messing around like me, you probably will have a good time. However, being subjective or not, I like this franchise, but I don’t feel much sincerity in this game. The game feels sloppy and has nothing new. Particularly I am disappointed the Dev didn't even mask the boss's face in intro cutscene like they always did in the game intro. I feel like the game company didn't even try to put efforts to make a game but merely want to make some quick buck from fans by packing up the same materials of last game together. It should be a DLC instead of a standalone game, but it is cheap so I might count out its sin.

In short, this game is fans only, buy at your own risk.
Posted July 2. Last edited July 2.
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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, if you notice the subtitle “a film noir love story”, you know what the story is about. Instead of the revenge story of the first game, the second game feels a bit lighter, I mean, who don’t like mysterious hot female killer lol. Even the Devs have put some funny stuff to light up the mood. But ultimately, as the name of the series suggests, it is meant to be sad and depressing. The game loosely follows the ending of the first game that Max Payne tries to recover from his previous tragedy, once again has been swallowed by sorrow. I am honestly quite touched by the ending. We all love happy endings, but it is imperfection that usually make a story beautiful and meaningful.

Speaking of the plot, it is in fact a bit genetic, but the script writers managed to make the story deep and beautiful, along with many well-written lines. The game mainly narrates in the form of comics as the first game to create a cinematic experience, with a few cutscenes as introductions. I am glad it did so because the technology at that time could not make cutscenes that are immersive and not awkward while using comics is much more elegant even in today. It also does a much better job than Max Payne 1, probably because the contents are easier to understand and the way the pictures played out is changed.

Bullet time today has become quite common, but back in the early 2000s I can imagine it was quite mind-blowing like the Matrix. Even in today the mechanic is quite solid but of course, it is not perfect. There are some issues like the aim is a tiny white dot that you often lose its track during fight or it is completely blocked by the character’s body. The control and aiming are wobbly, especially when using sniper rifle the aim wobbles severely. The game also has some level design issues, though are improved than the first game, you still might experience sudden death many times and have to go all over again unless you save the game whenever you can. On the positive side, the game is around 6 hours and shorter than the first one to avoid being repetitive as near the end of the first game. Overall, I don’t think it is fair to do more nitpicking to an old game due to and this game should be considered to age quite well.

This game is specially for nostalgic players and those who want to take a look at the noir story.

Useful link
Posted June 27. Last edited June 27.
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In short, Resident Evil 2 Remake is my Game of the Year 2019. It hits all the right spots.

Resident Evil franchise actually took a few sharp turns over the years. The classic Resident Evil (0, 1, 2, 3, etc.) are survival horror featuring intense gameplay due to limited supplies and slots. Inventory management, map and level design (Metroidvania-like) and puzzle solving are the core gameplay. Whereas the more recent Resident Evil (4, 5, 6 and Revelations series) are more action and shooter oriented. They are no longer survival horror but more of a third-person shooter. The latest of the franchise (in terms of story) Resident Evil 7, is completely different than its predecessors as a first-person shooter for the first time of the franchise. While having similar code gameplay like classic Resident Evil, it features the horror atmosphere and sophisticated story that unravels itself as the game progresses, and even a much stronger character-building making the plots no longer generic.

Back to Resident Evil 2 Remake, the game is completely overhauled with a new engine. New technologies enable the game to create grim atmosphere and surroundings making it far more immersive than the original while keeping what makes a good and intense survival horror: limited resources, relentless enemies, jump scare, the urge of moving fast etc. The fight is relatively slow-paced, but the game is still pretty intense. With a modern shooter system, players can surely go gun blazing, but you might need to think about your strategy on saving ammo and stuff, especially with enemies that don’t stay dead easily (use your knife wisely).

Map design is very interesting and is one of the best map designs I have ever seen. The game is a horror game that makes you want to runaway, however the map design makes you feel like exploring and gathering all the loots and secrets. Basically, when you get a new item, there are hints what you need to do next, unlike Resident Evil 1 which I feel completely lost and unable to process due to lack of guidance. The layout is complicated (not as complicated and unfriendly as Resident Evil 1) and you might get lost but the map can always give tons of help. Also, the map design gives this game a lot of replayability. It is still fun to dive in more than once. As you get familiar with the map and enemy layouts, you will feel like a badass for the second or more times playthrough.

The story is a bit generic, and there are a few nitpicking I want to point out. You need to play the game twice with different characters in order to reach the true ending. While it is not a problem, but this design causes inconsistency in the story. Like, you experience the same scenario twice though there are a few differences. It just doesn’t make sense in the story because you have experienced the scenario with your first character. I know it is mostly due to how the original was designed, but the stories of two characters are supposed to happen in time order, instead of being like in parallel universes. The other thing is performance. The actress of Claire, though she is very cute, her performance is not that great as her expression is kind of stiff and the same most of the time. The voice actress of Ada Wong, correct me if I am wrong but it seems her accent slipped several times.

Anyway, this game is 10 out of 10 and I recommend it as a must-play.
Posted June 23. Last edited June 24.
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Come for the Alan Wake soundtrack. Very intriguing music.
Posted June 9.
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Prototype 2 is a great jump of the first game in almost every aspect. It is still very cool as the first game, but there are some little disappointments.

The most noticeable difference is the graphic. Thanks to the technology, graphic is a great advancement as it is way more exquisite in model designs, textures, action, cutscene, lighting etc. as well as general visual effects.

Also because of technology, and maybe some emerging concepts of action game (Dark Souls was launched in 2011), combat system is greatly enhanced by adding dodge and block that enables players to perform encounter, making the combat way more fluid, comfortable and fun. Also, players are now able to use two abilities at the same time which is more “realistic”. Another important thing the developer did is to simplify the control requirements. In the previous game, you need to do some sorts of complex combo in order to perform some badass combat skills, which some people find them fun while I feel they are just too hard to perform. I personally think it is a good thing to make them easier to perform and I consider the game has as a much more advanced combat system as I was always a little frustrated in the first game that my attack got interrupted and not able to dodge attacks. The down side of it is the combat can be a bit repetitive and tedious as different combats towards the same type of enemies are not much different and there are only a few types of enemies out there. Furthermore, I recommend to play in high difficulty because the game is too easy in low difficulty.

In term of open world, I think this game stagnates despite you finally get some really side missions instead of challenges, adding some side stories, but they are very repetitive and not impressive.

In Prototype 2, cutscenes are very stylish, cool and enjoyable to watch, and also play as an important part of crafting the character of James Heller. Even though James Heller is not a likable character as he is reckless, impulsive, impolite, inconsiderate and always in rage, but at least you learn something about him, whereas in Prototype 1 you know very few about the character of Alex Mercer as the developer put efforts on how events go rather than the characters. In the terms of story, honestly, with all due respect but stories of both games are trash. In Prototype 2, there is a better character building, but the story development is kind of under the constraint of killing Alex Mercer as the ultimate purpose, making the story repetitive and tedious for it is only the process of sabotaging plans that Mercer built, while in Prototype 1 you can at least have a glimpse of backstory of Blacklight Virus, the destruction of the town Hope, as well as twists in revealing the true identities of Elizabeth and her long lost son.

On the other hand, some plots of Prototype 2 are very questionable, such as why Mercer became bad person, why he turned Heller in the first place, or why Dana decides to help Mercer. I know there are explanations in the game but I find them are very unconvincing, unbelievable and essentially don’t make much sense. More importantly, I think killing the protagonist of the first game is such a terrible idea that I wonder if this killed the whole franchise.

I first played Prototype 2 when it first launched. Even now that I replayed this title and saw flaws in story, combat, open world, I still think this is a very cool and fun game. Fundamentally, despite it is widely loved by players, the developer did not seem to care much and build the game around the cool concept of Prototype very well, but it doesn’t mean this game or the concept is bad by any mean, it just isn’t good enough. I really enjoy the part at the beginning where you see this mutant world in the perspective of a normal human being from James Heller who at that time did not have superpowers. I seriously think the concept of Prototype has lots of potentials and can be expanded way more than what it is now, like playing as a normal human solder in Blackwatch revealing schemes Blackwatch has been planning on, will be very appealing to me. But well, I don’t think Activision cares their franchises much beside the lucrative Call of Duty, which is a very sad fact. I definitely will check out Prototype 3 if there is one in the future.
Posted May 7. Last edited May 7.
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TimeShift is powered by a pretty cool idea. I use the word “power” to indicate this game is literally driven by this idea, both in plots and gameplay. You are equipped with a high-tech suit that enables you to slow, stop and reverse time, and you can actually use these abilities to assist your combats as edges against your enemies, giving the game potentials to enrich the gameplay. Meanwhile, TimeShift is also a cool game that fu*cked up. It doesn’t mean the game is terrible. On the contrary, it is a pretty fun game, but it really could have been better. By saying better, it isn’t on the technology side, given it is a good old game back in 2006, but in other aspects in terms of control and story.

First of all, the control, and I specifically refer to it as its key binding. As I said before, you can make use of your three abilities in combat, and besides keys that control these abilities, and universally keys for movement, shooting, swapping weapons, the actions you will often use in this game are shield (not exactly shield but you will see what that is in the game), weapon sub-attack (like throwing grenades from you rifle), aiming sights (especially if you are a player like me who cannot get rid of the habit of aim-sighting everything), throwing (hand grenades) and confirmation, meaning there are tons of keys you will use a lot in this game. Yet, this game has a strangely uncomfortable default key binding that severely affects the gameplay in a negative way because you will have to press two keys at the same time for some actions or they are just not in the usual spots that easy to touch. While it seems not to be a big deal, but in fact, it is. You have to do some relatively heavy modifications on the binding, and immediately you will feel this game is way better as the control no longer feels odd and tiring, and combat is much more fluid and finally you have the feeling of being a super soldier dressing in a powerful suit. It makes me wonder why the hell the developer leaves such weird binding in the first place as they can easily make it better.

Second is the story. I initially bought this game for its story for Steam marks it as “story-rich” and recommends it as a “story-rich” genre to me. The story is a disappointment in two aspects. One is the story itself. The game is about the idea of manipulating time. Though this idea has lots of potentials, the game is just a story of simply changing the future by using the suit to kill a bunch of guys to save the world. I mean, what the hell? This story is nothing and tedious and the developers obviously were being lazy in the script. It could have been much better to be a story full of twists. Second is the narrative method. I strongly don’t appreciate the storytelling method that tells the story while you are busy doing something. Players are just too occupied to pick up information. To kind of compensate the narrative, the game does have a few cutscenes, yet they are brief and not informative, although this game doesn’t have much information because of the poor story.

Besides the obvious two weaknesses, now I am nitpicking the guidance and therefore I don’t conclude it as weaknesses. For a game of 2006, I don’t have a high expectation in guidance. I just want to point out that even the GPS in your HUDS leads you to the place, the hints for what you need to do next either flash out real quick, or there is no hint at all. While you might figure them out, you might end up very frustrated when you finally find the switch you need to interact after a long time. I met these myself and also in a few YouTube videos I watched. But the most annoying one is when you team up with your teammates, they urge you do turn on/off the switch at a high frequency while you are searching for the switch. I would very much hope a “shut the fu*ck up” could work.

In case you wonder “why you give complaints more than compliments yet you still recommend it”, as I was asked before, this game is a solid FPS experience even it is a 2006 game. Other than that, I don’t know if any other people ever have this feeling that it is a game yet cannot find any compliments, but this is how TimeShift feels to me. In comparison, it is a “popcorn movie”, which you probably won’t play twice as it so lacks contents, but it still brings you tons of fun. If you run out of games, it is worth checking out.

PS. You need the following patches to make it work properly in the modern system cause the developer did not upgrade the Steam version of the game, which is another thing they could have done better. Click the links and big thanks to these two bros.

Posted May 4. Last edited July 3.
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I gotta admit after Ep1, I was a little overhyped. Don’t get me wrong, as most of the game is not bad, but starting at Ep4 it becomes a bit messy and Ep5 is a huge letdown.

I will start with the good. This game combines lots of stuff like narrative, detective, puzzle-solving, QTE, FMV (not in the form of the video but alike) and RPG together, and did it well. It offers a solid detective experience requiring you to draw clues from behaviors, expression, conversations, letters and items etc. to solve problems, puzzles, confrontation and QTE, where your RPG abilities can help. The process of finding clues and solving can be very challenging even with your abilities because the Dev successfully utilized human psychology and created a very logical conversation framework that can misguide players, along with well-hidden hints from conversations and items. This part is my favorite about this game. Also, the puzzles are well-designed (excluding Ep5), with lots of literary quotations from art, religion, myth and history. The puzzles make use of cross-reference as a mechanic so you literally need to examine and compare your clues together, making you feel like a true detective. To be honest, it is harder than most of the games, but it is fun as well. Also, the script is well-written (excluding part of Ep4 and Ep5). Characters are well-crafted with consistent and realistic personalities (excluding the protagonist). The scriptwriter(s) are truly a group of people with culture as there are so many cultural topics in beautiful lines as long with some interesting discussion regarding society, governance, democracy, freedom and stuff. Last but not least about the script is all the hidden clues and hints in the conversation enabling challenging gameplay,

Talk about those neither good nor bad, what comes to my mind is the RPG system. There is a personality system where the game encourages you to discover the immunities and vulnerabilities of each character, which is fine, however, there is also an ability system which in my opinion is very mediocre. In the beginning, you can choose three different professions with different abilities to assist you in collecting items and finding clues. I value RPG games that give you a chance to customize your “build” (e.g. different professions like fighter or mage). It means that your character has things that are good at and not so good at so that you should utilize your advantages and avoid circumstances where your disadvantages are exposed. In this case, it allows players to strategize their own gameplay and make the game so much fun. But in the game, despite you choose a profession, ultimately you just cramp up all abilities because the game was designed in this way (you have enough points and certain abilities are irreplaceable in some circumstances). At the end of the day choosing a profession makes no sense, and fails to diversify the gameplay. Fortunately, RPG is not really a point of this game and ability using is optional at least in most circumstances if you are careful or smart enough. Therefore, it is not a fatal flaw.

The bad thing, to start off, is Ep5. It is so terrible that it ruins almost every good the game built before, and it seems the Dev just wanted to wrap things up and finish the story in a hurry rather than give decent endings to the audience. Not only the design of conversations and puzzles are sloppy and way worse than before, but the story also doesn’t explain lots of things, such as what the book is used for or what happened between Louis and Emily after. It also skips lots of plots in order to speed up and up like how one of the twins resurrects. Worse still, it twists your choice and character for the story to process. A minute ago, you were having a hard time accepting who you are, a minute later you are perfectly fine to call someone you know for like two days as your uncle. A minute ago, you are in team Mortimore and a minute later you try hard to save his biggest rival. WHAT THE FU*CK? I completely outraged seeing the story go like this. HOW THE FU*CK they make such a sloppy episode as the ending?

Besides Ep5, there are so other issues: Louis’s character is unconvincing and unrealistic because the Dev manipulated him to make lots of choices and react in a way normal people don’t in order to push the story forward, and he is also un-fu*cking-believable chill in some circumstances, like everyone talks about declaring wars on France and he as a French doesn’t even give a sh*it; Louis is a French so why the heck the voice actor used an American accent. Also, the voice acting sometimes is terrible; optimization sucks particularly Ep 1 and 3 and heavily differs in different episodes; in some episodes like Ep 1 and 3 they had no idea how to make use of light, making the dark place unable to see and some places bright enough to blind your eyes; there are always some tiny mechanic differences among different episodes, such as how cutscenes/conversations start, how conversations/choices are organized, or the visual perspectives of conversations etc. I mean, it is not so hard to make them congruent so why the heck not; some conversations are inconsistent like characters completely forget what he/she said one sentence ago; cutscenes in EP 3 and 5 are terrible and look like they are made in 2006; there are several big twists in the plots yet the story kind of fails to pave the way making them far less convincing and believable.

I fully appreciate the good in this game and thereby despite all the bad I mention this is still a positive review. However, I blame all the sh*it they were supposed to do better to the decision to make this game as episodes instead of as a whole. The good is very good and the bad is terribly bad so it is your decision to buy it or not.

-------previous EP1 review after editing for character limit-------

The game… creates the immersion of playing as a detective figure (although I am obviously a crappy one) … well-written script with beautiful lines… The script is very wise to use historic figures so that the game doesn’t need to build many new characters from scratch that may overwhelm players. Moreover, it enables the game to make use of our perceptions. Like George Washington… felt like a good guy or the cardinal… think he is a decent figure. While it might be not completely accurate depending on how the game goes, it did make the game more fun and surprising. For instance, in the conversation with Napoleon, he asked what do I think about the future of France, while I know in history, he then became a monarch, I answered as follows. And the game successfully tricked me, aha! It is really brilliant and you can see how perceptions can be used to enhance the gameplay. The game even utilizes our perceptions in other aspects like appearance. Such as the pretty duchess (she has a super beautiful back!) making me want to trust her, or the face-covered servants… stopping us to develop more perceptions. It is really interesting… see how this indulging story goes. But if I have to nitpick… feels a little too much information thrown at me at the beginning...

This game is fundamentally great but still has some weaknesses… the crappy optimization. It makes almost no performance differences between maximum and minimum settings and both result in averagely low frame rates… it will be much better to have a warning sign or ask me… before I walk into conversations or cutscenes. It happened several times that I walked into conversations before finishing full investigation…it might… make the game more immersive and realistic… the developer should know the balance between being realistic and being annoying. The scene in the dock… is too dark while… after the brunch is too bright… is noticeable abnormal.

The Council a great game, at least in EP 1.
Posted May 2. Last edited July 10.
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Bound in Blood is the prequel of the first Call of Juarez, talking about the youth time story of one of the protagonists of the first game. Similar to the first one, the game has duel characters who have different unique skills. With improvements on gameplay and mechanics, the game still does pretty well in narratives as before, largely extending the character established in the first Call of Juarez as a nice supplement, but it doesn’t require knowing previous story. In the FPS genre, there is no game like Bound in Blood that offers both great FPS experience and a good old Wild West story, hence my recommendation.
Posted April 30.
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I am not a fan of “old-school” RPG, especially for those real ones launched back in the old days. I am often annoyed by the defected mechanisms, and very impatient about lots of readings that need to be done. My biggest issue with this type of game is the guidance. As someone who is spoiled by the guidance in modern games, I really cannot be patient with games with poor guidance, as I don’t have ideas what to do next. But I am a huge fan of Skyrim, and a heavy mod user with over 1,000 hours playtime (not on Steam). Seeing Morrowind as a The Elder Scrolls title, I thought, why don’t I give it a try? At worst I can mod the game to be playable.

Well, I was wrong. In terms of modding, Morrowind is much harder to mod and make it work due to the time the game was made. I didn’t plan to heavily mod this game, just to improve the textures, faces and stuff. Some work, like the characters all have much better-looking faces, but many of them don't. I quit after watching several instructions and realized it is way too complicated. Then I started this game and I realized, despite it feels like a transition between "old school" and modern day RPG, it is still the type of “old-school” one I don’t want to play. Too much readings, lack of guidance, defected mechanisms such as slow walking, low hit rate, small fonts, UI, etc. There are many problematic things in the eye of mine. I guess many of them can be fixed by mods, but I don’t really want to spend time on fixing any more.

On positive side, I can see why people love Morrowind. You are in a massive world with lots of story, locations and missions for you to explore. It is a game in 2002, but it is better than many of modern games in terms of open world, as it is a land full of contents and really inspires your passion on exploration the world. It also did great in presenting a dynamic world. You can see the huge change of the world (main quest), the daily activities of guilds, political influence, power fights between thieve guild and local gang, lore, mysteries, and some individual stories etc. It exceeds a simple story of the protagonist, it is a multi-layer story of a world, and that is what makes this game and the franchise so great.

I am glad to see lots of good stuff were inherited to Skyrim, and for me who played Skyrim before, it is like reliving the history or the lore. Like fighter and mage guilds that I heard about but never see, the familiar armors that remain the same for two hundred years, similar buildings and environment on Dragon Born DLC, even the music. It is a very The Elder Scroll world and these things feel so nice. I am kind of craving a standalone and remastered Morrowind (I remember this is a Morrowind mod in Skyrim).

Morrowind is nice, despite it is not really my type of thing and I merely go for the main quest. For those who are looking for purchase suggestions, this game is meant for the hardcore fans and lovers of “old school” RPG. Think twice and buy at your own risk, and don’t expect mods are able to fix problems for you.

——-update ——
If you want to make your life easier:
Use command codes in console to reset your strength (for burden) and agility (for hit rate).
Use walkthroughs when get stuck.
They will affect your experience if you truly want the original Morrowind experience.
Posted April 26. Last edited May 1.
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