Wifi Thief
Bruh from   Finland
A fancy gentleman with a tophat, who is also on your roof at all times "borrowing" your Wi-Fi

Now then, welcome to my profile, and when you are done reading it, get the frick out.
As you can see I am obviously family friendly :)

In summary:

You could say i'm just a regular dude on Steam, but i am also a dedicated Finnish Örveltäjä , so don't mess with me, or i'll show you the true power of white and blue...

( Not in a racist way, it's just the colors of the flag of Finland )


Anyways I like playing games a LOT, and i have a habit of being good at hard bullet hell games.
(I also beat Getting over it 50 times u scrub)

(Kill me)

I also mainly play story games.

My favourite games are:
Subnautica, Noita, Hollow Knight, Dark Souls 3, Superliminal, SOMA, Alien Isolation and all of the Half Life games, including Black Mesa :houndeye:

(not including HDTF, screw that pos)

Also i'm an achievement fanatic, if you couldn't tell by looking at my profile.
(i have a serious problem)

Real life name: Classified
Online name: Wifi Thief / The MB

Gender: Male
Age: Classified
Game addiction : Positive
Anything special : Good at hard games.

Anything non-special: Don't have a VR kit yet :(

Ok that's all there is to it, so now you know all you need to know about me.
You can leave now.

You think there's something secret down here?
Think about it, why would i be such a degenerate to put my own insecurities onto my own steam profile?

It doesn't make much sense, so now that you think about it logically, and you have come to the conclusion that there probably, or even most likely is nothing down there, you can leave.

It's all science, don't ya know?

Huh, there's a lot of space down here...
idk why that is...

Either way... STOP scrolling!

No seriously, please stop.
This isn't funny...

I'm also a My Little Pony fan, okay?
Was that really worth it?!

I Hope you're happy...

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I'm not horny you are horny. baka...
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plz come to Finland
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Happy New Year :snowflakes:
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wifi thief wented i saw
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