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ahah wait... you're a girl... and you like classic rock? no way. name your top 500 led zeppelin songs, STAT. come on femoid, spit it out! I bet you're gonna say stairway, huh? fake fan. I bet you haven't even listened to led zeppelin IV. oh, you listen to pink floyd? aha... my favorite album is dark side of the moon. I don't think you'd understand it though... you should probably stick to another brick in the wall part 2, normie. my favorite guns n roses song? hah, one in a million. you probably haven't heard it before. oh... you have? you probably just got lucky. your favorite is sweet child of mine, right? or welcome to the jungle? oh... it's rocket queen? I'm surprised you've heard that one... it's pretty underground... have you heard tom sawyer by rush? ahah actually I play guitar.... wait.. you do too? what can you play? let me guess... stairway? oh.. you can play master of puppets? well uhm... I can play stairway, but the live version, with the extra content! it's pretty unique... zeppelin was just like, so avant garde man... I can play house of the rising sun too! I bet you haven't heard of it though, the animals are a bit more underground for someone like you. you probably wouldn't like them anyways. song recommendations? well I'd suggest goodbye blue sky by pink floyd.. it's probably too progressive for your taste though, haha. king crimson?? yeah I've heard of them... my favorite song by them? uhm... well... it's kinda hard to choose haha it's all just so good y'know? what's court of the crimson king? oh, their most popular album? I knew that! it just slipped my mind for a second... you ever hear roundabout by yes? it's like, 8 minutes... way too long for me, but the first 48 seconds are so good! I doubt you've ever heard it though. jim morrison? the doors? of course I've heard of them! my favorite song? light my fire, obviously! yours is blue sunday? yeah uh... yeah I love that one... haha... you ever heard slayer? wait, they're probably too much for a girl like you, aren't they? you don't seem like you'd be into them. it's kind of heavy, you should probably stick to joan jett and the blackhearts, or blondie! you can play raining blood on your black dean dimebag razorback DB? wow... that's a little advanced for a femoid, don't you think? wait... where are you going? wait, we haven't even talked about pantera! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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oni Jul 31 @ 9:58pm 
its been a year since you were my daddy, i miss you.. come back sweetie <3
5k Gandalf Hot Cheeto Apr 17 @ 4:41pm 
do you remember füge hier rassicthchen (some german bs) this is me on a new account, I think I used to play with you all the time.
Bonko The Clown Apr 16 @ 11:27pm 
H̡̟̦͢ ̵̘͎͒ò̼̟̂ ̲͔͖̀n̪̘ͧͭ ͮ̄͠͞k̅̈̋̕
Spidem Nov 11, 2019 @ 4:03pm 
this man is powerful, he's got all 520 achievements in TF2. Fear him.
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Spooky boi
tactical droid Aug 12, 2019 @ 2:30pm