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The Aim of this guide is to (Hopefully) and Successfully make your game as stable as possible with no lag (as you may know by now that Rome TW on modern computers, is for the most part like a special needs turtle on jet) ((both very slow and very
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Okay so i've been playing State of Decay 2, first of all and overall in nature its okay, there's a couple of things that bother me but they are bearable here I guess: still no *true* mod support, janky movements, random (but tolerable yet noticeable) frame drops and so on. But these 2 things *REALLY* annoy and piss me off to the point I gotta bring this/them up.

First: You *MUST* have a constant xbox live account to play this game, (FOR THIS PC PLATFORM/VERSION/PORT OF THE GAME, I don't have to tell you how much of a re-tarded thing this is by default )

Secondly: On the steam store of state of decay 2 the juggernaut edition it states and advertises that *all* dlcs/content *that were/was ever made for state of decay 2* were in this edition (as of now and at this time of writing this), This is wrong as i've tested this to see if they were in it or not and all the pre-order packs alongside with the content of the ultimate edition are *not* in the jug.edition, this is miss advertising and miss marketing....I feel like I was shammed, cheated and mislead because I was promised on the store page that *all* the content was already in the juggernaut edition, The only dlc/packs/content is heartland,daybreak and independence and of course along with the base game *thats all* and *in* The juggernaut edition.....

(For those who are wondering what was in those said packs, they ranged from Weapons to a couple of vehicles to community buffs)
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Felts-san May 10, 2019 @ 10:17am 
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