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★Buying/Selling keys atm? ❌
★Guy Who invest in Crypto , gambling and sell keys sometimes(i am not a skin trader)
★Edit-Done with trading/selling thanks valve

i generally reply in some min if i dont then assume that i'm losing my shit fuckin skins in gambling/Trading!!! be patient!
send trade offer if u have any offers

wait just wait dont fuckin scroll yet
I Got a damn story for ya. I'm not good at writing so bear with me.

>A girl I knew in school was a total attention whore.
>Never arrived to class on time and always made sure to make a huge fuss about it.
>Didnt talk to her all that much but I did have a few convos with her.
>Her wrists had cuts and burns all over them, she wore t shirts so she never hid them.
>I asked her why she was hurting herself like that.
>She said "no one loves me" etc etc
>"No one loves you? Not even your parents?"
>Answer she gave me was like "They dont really love me".
>Made a point not to interact with her too much after that, because she a hoe.
>End of the school year she came up to me and asked if I wanted to go somewhere with her on Sunday.
>I'm not good with these situations but I said "why not".
>Sunday came and we went to the top of one of those tower car parks.
>Just as we got to the top, she told me that she wanted me to be here as a witness to her suicide.
>Oh shit, I thought, she was going to jump and force me to watch.
>Had I known she was going to do this shit I would never have gone with her.
>Not watching unless you do a flip, I said that to try and shock her into realizing this was stupid.
>Complete shock was written all over her face. She had thought I'd try to stop her.
>Ehh?! A-arent you going to try to stop me?
>Nah, go ahead. If you really wanted to live, you'd stop yourself.
>After a while she got down off the edge.

She walked up to me afterwards and tried to hug me with tears in her eyes but I told her I loved someone else. She asked me who and I told her to read the first letter of every line.
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