Zack   Iowa, United States
My favorite football team is the greenbay packers and i'm a huge fan of anime and horror movies such as alien, predator, gremlins, critters, ghoulies (etc) and horror games such as Outlast and Five Nights At Freddy's.:balloonicorn:
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ZMASTER29 Jun 30 @ 9:58am 
it ok.
♠️SIR TIO♠ Jun 30 @ 5:57am 
zmaster Im sorry for being so dead 30/6/2018
ZMASTER29 Jun 3 @ 4:49pm 
yes one hug and meow to randomness.
Dr. Pepper Jun 3 @ 4:10pm 
Can I have a hug
Randomness Jun 3 @ 2:51pm 
m e o w ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ
ZMASTER29 Apr 30 @ 1:55pm 
Big big hugs