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NAME: Mateusz
AGE: older than tf2
MALE: 100% mann
BIRTHDAY: 19th june

:2018bestaward:Donations :2018bestaward:
Blapature Co- i forgot how much
04.02.2019-10.88USD-madness vs machines charity event(on other account)
17.10.2019-$10.68 -madness vs machines charity event(but on this account)
:Question_m:ASKED QUESTIONS:Question_m:
Q:Why do you have less hours on your classes than you have in game.
A:I played memes vs machines and canteen crasher and my class play time didn't count and i also spent some time organizing my bp so yeah.
Q:Do you trade?
A:Yes i do.
Q:Hey will you help me withdraw items from gambling site?
A:Hell nah bro.

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:cr_plus:ABOUT ADDING ME:cr_plus:
I don't accept people with priv profiles or inventories. I also don't accept people with lvl 0 . Also if u are adding me comment why you are adding me.
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i am trusted trader :)
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sent a trade
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ok salty kiddo
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-rep toxic and racist
GHOST Nov 22, 2021 @ 1:00am 
hi there, i wanna trade my crates for some scrap metal.
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