Russell "Zer0VoiDteKh" Fredericks   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I'm Canadian.

I'm Depressed.

Ultimatum, Calm, Wind Passing By, Not A Single Sound To My Ears, I Cry Myself To Sleep

----------------------------------------Personal Info---------------------------------------------


Nick/Second Name:Zer0 VoiDteKh



DOB:3rd Feb 2001


Fav. Colors:Black, White, Red, Purple, Blue

Fav. Food:Salad

Fav. Music Type:Calm, Relaxing (Love) Songs, Dubstep

Fav. Game:TF2, KF2, SkyForge, Modern Combat Versus, Doki Doki Literature Club, SAS

Fav. Animal:Turtles, Wolves, Pigs

Best Friends:None (Loser)

Traitors/Liars/"Drama Queens": http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198319044311 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198313365702

Status: Depressed

Achievements:I've Recieved 2 Platinum Medals For My College's Annual Marathon, 5 Gold Medals For First Place In My School Race, 1 Silver Medal For Second Place In My College Race, And A Card Representing Me For Being The Best Runner In The School And City (No One Cares)

-----------------------------------------Online Info-----------------------------------------------
Online - I'm online or maybe afk near my desk

Away - Not at home

Busy - At home but doing someting important

Offline - Sleeping, Away, Busy, Dead (Die)

-----------------------------------Random Chats I Found-------------------------------------
Mister DeathPhail : i was just drinking cock 13 minutes ago.

Fluffy hardjob : fuck you you massive collosoral cuntasorous

GAY gaiyte : holy shit wln coldheart heartfrozen is hacker, he has 10 ban check profile

Faggot Haxor : This is how I type because I can type oh wait this is a bind sorry cunts haha gay fag rapist ass licker gay hacker fag bind user

-------------------------------------------Pain In Life---------------------------------------------
When I Was Born My Parents Wanted To Put Me Down, Aka Kill Me At A Birth. Making Me Feel Like A Mistaken Newborn

I Suffer From Autism Which Alot Of People Make Fun Off Anywhere I Go

I Was Stabbed Twice In My School Years, Mates In Class Lied About What I Didn't Do And Almost Got Me Expelled, And People Made Fun Of My Name "Russell", Saying "Russell The No Muscle" And Then They'd Beat Me Up, Even The Teachers Laughed At It And Beat Me Up Because Its A "Joke" To Them

I Don't Live With My Parents

I Was Never Hugged Or Kissed In Reality (This Is True And I Feel Left Out Of Humanity)

My Parents Forced Me To Move To Ireland With My Bossy Uncle And Annoying Brother

My Parents Don't Want Me To Go Back To Canada

I Never Have Nor Had Real Friends

I'm Suicidal

At The Age Of 3 I Was Told By My Parents When They Left Me With My Uncle And Brother That I Was A Mistaken Baby

When I Feel Alone Or Worried, I Panic

When I Panic I Can Fall Into A Short Duration Coma, Which By This Is Caused By Me Having A Weak Heart And Heavy Depression

My Only "Friends"(Which Aren't..) Or Things That Are Close To Me Are My Tree, Maple(Died) And My Turtle, Tortie. They Don't Talk To Me And Tortie Wants To Bite Me, So I Guess He's Not Close. So Maple Is Dead And Tortie Wants To Eat Me, Probably Like Everyone Else That Wants To Me To Stay Away From Them For Some Reason, Like They Hate Me

I'm Blind In 1 Eye; Blured, Darkened-Ish And Color-Blind

At Night I Cry Because I Don't Have True And Real Friends And Love

I Had Depression Since The Day I Was Born

No One Loves Me Nor Respects Me As A True Friend

No One Cares About My Achievements


As You Can See I'm Suicidal And My Life Is Dying. I Need Help
I'm Already Hurting Myself
All I Want Is To Be Loved And Truely Respected
But All I Get Is


Forget It. You'll Never Understand Even These Words Won't Help. I Should Just Die Rotting In Hell
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Zer0 if you want to add me in discord here's my discord @Abderrazak#8559
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