Arle'iona Lau'Norazi Shidoreyaxi
Maxx B. Cooper   Florida, United States
Hello there my name is Arleona or simply arle
I play games and such with the idea of seeking
something new everyday

Names and alises
The Architect
Zyorai Thunder.
Rem or Leo
and Maxx
the picture is of my Second life OC which her name is Arleona Z.A. Shadori
she has other surnames which i wont state but all of which are copyrighted under this
you can find me on Second Life with the name Arleona :3

Favorite Species: Everis, Felins, Chakats, keniptics, kemonos, Kitsunes, Kobolds, Neko-Girls, Succubus, Hybrids, canon & non-canon species, Shadows & spirits, Hybrid Species, and my own Custom Copyrighted Race
The Furalunians (Furaluni) which a closed species race which Arleona Z.A. Shadori and her Surnames related to her is a part of the Furaluni/Furasuni Race.

Note #1: get to know me before challenging why i do what i do im very open to suggests but please understand everything i do is a (WIP) and is usually never in it's final form when i first make it as im still learning stuff X.X

Note #2: if anyone refers you to me for interactiion in Second Life dont listen to them! unless i seek you out or run across you in Second Life, please dont bother me in second life unless one of these things is meet im good to meet new people but drama has had it's last dawn with me.

Important Note #3: dont steal my work or make remakes of it in any form of media either physical and/or digital, as well as in spoken and in any case videos. im the only owner of the Furalunians (Furaluni/Furasuni) and anyone else stating otherwise is an imediate copyright infringement and i will pursue it to fullest extent of the Law.
DO NOT USE my works for private or public for commercial and/or recreational use! this includes but not limited to.. Roleplays(RPs) using it as a resource to make your own character for any reason this a big hard NO to anyone who don't understand the emotional attachment to something I worked so hard for. regardless of how long you think I worked on this but they too [dense (would use another more realistic word but my manners are to remain intact)] to take no for an answer and respect my requests -.-

i am quite frankly Anti-Social by defualt for extremely serious reasons and im often very nervious in social situations and usually panic when under stress. often people may mistaken this for me being Shy or trying to ignore them but that's not the case.
im more of the person who wants to seek out conversations with others as i like social stuff even though i have Anti-social desires at times as i know it's unhealthy to not be around people... so as conflicted as my mind is about socializing i really like to talk :)

BUT here's a poem i made so here it is -

To look to the moon is to shine like it,
to look to the sun is to see as to what you couldn't see before,
but once you understand why they shine the way they do,
only then will you know your path in life
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In this file you will find some of the most subtle and nefarious reasons why Skyrim crashes, from my own experien

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