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Posted: Oct 30, 2016 @ 4:38am
Updated: Nov 15, 2016 @ 10:31am

Innovative shooter which is SHORT AS F¤CK. (2 hours for 23€)
[okay, I bought it from sale 13€, still I felt robbed/ unsatisfied].

Back in February 2016 when I played SUPER HOT video game demo I liked it and made ArmA 3 version from it, if you got ArmA 3 you can download it from link (no mods required, if you don't want to use Steam Workshop below it is Armaholic.com dl-site for this mission):

To be honest, I liked the demo back from 2014 more than this full product. Why?

- Loading times:
DEMO: Press R and your back in start as fast as in ex. Angry Birds.

FULL GAME: Press R and watch annoying white/black screen few seconds and then start.
How this is bad? Well, you die many times so that white/black screen get's very annouing.

- Replay camera (shows your playtrough of that mission in normal time)
FULL GAME: Why it need's to be all the time saying "SUPER HOT" so big letters that I can't even see the replay. Wtf SUPERHOT-compayny?

- Time waste "cutscenes"
FULL GAME: Text conversations which just forces you to stand still just so this game would be 2 hours long to be so you can't refund it on Steam.

- With only playing content from SUPER HOT developers this game potential is too small to be proud of.
Yes, if Kickstarter would have reached 300k dollars they would have made mission editor but it never reached it so have fun with 26 missions and endless mode (yea....).

If SUPER HOT game would've wanted to gain it's place in known famous shooters it should've added editor or mod support. Now it's just 2 hours game which charges you 23 €. (Undertale is 4-6h long, paid 10€ and is still great game which have special place in my heart as Metal Gear Solid-franchise. So pls don't say that I hate short games.)

Thankfully I was "so good" and didn't wasted my time in menu that I completed the game in 110 minutes so while I write this review I could refund it, BUT what I'm going to do is ArmA 3 version of this Super Hot full game.
That way ArmA-players don't need to spend 23/ 13 € for this game (instead we use it to upcoming Tanks, jets etc. DLC's... fu¤k you Bohemia Interactive, ARMA-games don't need DLC's like this.)

I admit already my mission (ArmA 3 SUPER HOT FULL <- my mission name once I release it, spoilers!) will don't have melee-combat, don't have secrets and endless mode, requires APEX-expansion and mods for shotgun and zombies and the slow-motion dosen't work as well as the Super Hot game itself BUT if you own ArmA 3 it's free (and trust me, ArmA 3 have more content than Super Hot).

If you own ArmA 3 just play my mission or buy SUPER HOT game when it's 10/ 5€ or less.
If you don't own ArmA 3 buy it (includes campaigns, single-missions, co-op missions and team vs team-missions, mods, in game 3D-editor for missions and much more content than Super Hot game).
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Unluckymonster Nov 16, 2016 @ 9:53am 
Done, here's the Super Hot A3 Full in 2 parts, play it free and (hopefully) have fun.