VIKINGS} Bishop Heahmund
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[TABLE FLIPPING INTENSIFIES] funny EvE specialties ;image i saw in corporation chat ( EvE Online guild/clan = corp )
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Heahmund ,medieval Bishop of Sherborne.

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Carnage Jun 18 @ 10:05am 
helard brotha' :steammocking:
K1BER27 Mar 13 @ 10:26pm 
+rep nice player
Gremmerz police officer™ Feb 26 @ 2:00am 
Your profile picture made me ralize I completely forgot about Vikings season 5, checked upon it and the first half has come out already so started watching it, just finished the first episode and continuing of course. :tgrin:
Quex Feb 18 @ 4:11am 
+rep, very trustworthy guy :)
Eleventh Doctor Feb 10 @ 11:33am 
Yeah its prety good if you like sci-fi. Though i'm not much of a critic since i just like what i like :).