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I want to love this game, but I gave it a try and it is just so heartless and cutthroat. Call me weak, emotional, pathetic, whatever. I just naturally want to make friends with people but in this demon of a game all but two interactions I had with people didn’t end with them shooting on sight even though I was naked and saying hi.

Alot of people play almost 24/7 to avoid getting raided or they just want to grind, and then in the end everything will get wiped.

Why does everyone on this game sound like they have no friends and sold their souls?
Because when you play this game you're basically selling your soul.
Because that is the price of rust.


I will be back soon.

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User reminds me of my friend who cheats but says he doesn't
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" If we kill our enemies...
Will we be finally free? "
Kira Feb 15, 2019 @ 5:21pm 
Hi, can you spin this roulette ? If GTA V, PUBG or CSGO falls out, I can buy the key from you. Try it, it will take no more than 30 seconds. You go -> press the ROLL button, a free game falls out -> you take the key and write to me) Well, or you activate the game on your account)

I've got hacked and send this message to everyone. And yeah i just got my account back. Giving a warning to do not open the link. Thanks! :cozypoechris: