I am so bad at this game
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Yes, my main name is Feral
A little about me:
I am an admin of the Skial community and a regular player on the servers. Please leave a nickname for me as I tend to change it a lot.
If you have any questions or issues that you want to discuss, leave a comment why. I will not be accepting any random friend requests unless it’s about trading/issues. Don’t be like those men that add me because you find out I’m a female. I’ll block you, thank you! :) If you are a long time friend I know in a server but never added, slap me with that invite

Please for the love of whatever god you believe in DO NOT TRY SCAMMING ME
I know all the tricks already.

:LightBlueCube: Games I regularly play: :LightBlueCube:
:Daggerfall:Elder scrolls online:Molag:
:medicon:Team Fortress 2:spycon:

:PinkCube: Status: :PinkCube:
timezone: (GMT-6)
Currently playing: Please understand that I don’t read or respond to text messages as fast while playing. I get into playing too much, unless you hit me up with a “Hey feral stop being ugly and help me here:dogB:
Online: I’m probably just listening to music and or reading JJBA manga or hentai :EmperorPenguin:
Away: I’m busy with life, I’m either in school or just sleeping like a bear.:Nyanbear:
Snooze: I got my eyes closed fam, don’t be trying me or imma find you
Don’t disturb: read it again
Offline: I’m either busy with school or at work or SLEEPING so don’t being TEXTING me at 5 am in the damn morning please :BBEAR:
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This had such soothing music and art, so worth the purchase. Very relaxing finding out the puzzles and exploring the creativity it held within, I hope there’ll be another one in the future. Just really love it.
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Samorost 3

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hello feral I apologize for my behavior it will not happen again :)
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*DEAD* [Simp] Feral : only one i love is moist, no homo cuz i have socks on
i feel so loved :roses:
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feral is a whole babe <3
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I appealed
I am so bad at this game Jun 6 @ 12:55am