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In Memory of SPC Randy Doherty
SPC Doherty was a really good friend of mine and it was hard to see him die so young. May he rest in peace. We shall never forget the joy and humor he brought to our Battery. Til we meet again.
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RysN the F❤X Oct 3 @ 1:32am 
BOO! Its October :oo you know what that means -.- S L U T-O-WEEN :3 send this to 7 of your sluttiest ghost hoes and if u get 7 back ur a s l u t t y ghost hoe :) but if u get 10 back ur the spookiest s l u t on the block owo send this quick to 7 other hoes or get no candies this Halloween o_o
[✠] Fluffy Tuffy Jun 16 @ 12:52pm 
added for the australium axtinguisher
Paw Jun 15 @ 8:17am 
im interested in your axtinguisher
Bludogie Jun 12 @ 11:00pm 
hey i wanna add u for aussie axtinguisher. just add me back or send offer. Thanks
Ramen Jun 12 @ 7:49pm 
i added you for trade
Jasper T Jowls Feb 14 @ 10:59pm 
cool guy lol +rep