Dan   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
my gender is bi neutral demi mixolydian hippopotamus and my pronouns are dom seventh and oink
proud owner of 10 season 2 TFNew 1st place medals despite only playing in the grand finals
youtube channel lmao https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZAkJd9ODYRha5Z2dndtQA

if i removed you as a friend it's probably just to avoid having a million of you, feel free to add me back and i will most likely accept

dont cancel on me or you break me https://pastebin.com/FPhM9eN4

discord megalol https://discord.gg/5EEH9KT

shrine to metalcloud: http://logs.tf/1954670#76561198179285485

Logs.tf: http://logs.tf/profile/76561198259616128
Demos.tf: https://demos.tf/profiles/76561198259616128
ETF2L: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/130055/
Backpack.tf: https://backpack.tf/u/76561198259616128
Trade offer URL: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=299350400&token=IguglKLt

it's cool to put quotes here I heard:

Forine: "i was stomping a pup"
cake: "your entire being is wacky crazy bobslam"
Kaper: "PogCHASNAmp"
wiitabix: "I'm literally a pillar of this community by the way."
(mystery boi): "how do I kill myself without killing myself?"
fynd: "dead babies is pretty much what's speaking to me now"
fynd: "pyro has to be chinese because there's so many of them"
fynd: "if fun isn't fun then why fun"
von_skeltal: "Honestly, girls have nicer butts on average. But both are great."
plank: "I'm mature like a fine wine or cheese"
inchworm: "vaginas are just dick sharpeners"
simon: "I hopr some chav puts a hole through your head"
Hat Kid: "@hermy why did you remove my quote about stock HUD"
Wheatpig: "my whole life is a failed ctap"
kiiobe: "Daddys are hot tbh"
plank: "hermy jumping's gay. Why jump when you can walk"
ikidu: "Putin is a good looking boy"
"Han":"give me your items okay?"

Hermy - Today at 11:30 PM
now for the weather with @Plank !!!
Plank - Today at 11:30 PM
Its pissing it down where i am

Plank - Today at 5:45 PM
fuck off toonhud isnt bad
it just isnt good

Plank - Today at 5:13 PM
totally gnarly waves dude

WheatPig/Vetegrisen - Today at 6:07 PM
its the quote wall(edited)
I hope I can be there someday

my aussie isn't for sale btw
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woa toxic >.<
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sorry have we met
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your british as i see thats explains why your so toxic