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Early Access Review
Unforetunately my comupter isn't beefy enough to run the game yet. (Kind of knew it beforehand but wanted to see if maybe it would work on the lowest settings. Only got 2-4 FPS.)

But let me tell you the story of my first time logging into ARK: Survival evolved.

I created a new local world, waited for it to load, created my character and then waited. About 2 seconds later the Epicly Dramatic First-Time-Spawn music started to play. My character lifted his left arm and found a strange implant. He then rubbed his arm and the cenamatic ended.

Immediately I got messages saying 'You're Freezing. You should find warth soon!'

About 1.5 seconds later my health dropped to half, I turned to inspect what had attacked me and saw...Some BIG teeth. Another second later I died, a big red message on my screen: 'YOU WERE KILLED BY A REX - LVL 4!'.

I already love this game...
Posted January 16, 2016.
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