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I'm starting to like you less and less everyday.

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(]^1[) ^6Simba Jan 30 @ 3:54pm 
He does have an amazing beard... Did you know his beard enters the room at least 46 seconds before he does?
◄No, Jesse!! Jan 25 @ 8:22pm 
Dude. Your beard is freaking awesome.
(]^1[) ^6Simba Jan 12 @ 6:19am 
I took him to see, man on man on goat 2.. he cried at the happy ending.. Bazinga Bitches
^2To^34^2sT Jan 11 @ 11:27pm 
Hey Happy Birthday Crazy! Now you're finally old enought to go see R-rated movies by yurself... cuz Simba's not gonna take you. :steammocking:
(]^1[) ^6Simba Jan 11 @ 7:00pm 
Oh thank you toast.