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[H] 1 TF2 key [W] 550 RL credits   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I cant respond if I dont respond. Check My Trades []
Read my info box bellow for all important information.
I only use TC or GamePlanet for big trades. Epic ID: MrGoldTrades

Hey! Tell me what you have (H) and want (W) for smooth trade! :)


Signed by Mr. Gold :csgoct: :rloctane:
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Mr. Gold
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Welcome to my profile! Info box:
After you add me:
1) Tell me what you have and what you want for smooth trade :lunar2020hearteyesrabbit:
2) My prices in offers are firm. Don´t bargain :krstungun: or I remove / block you
3) Don´t ask me for item add or free items :lunar2020moneyrat: , I won´t give you any and will block you:csgo_despair:
4) Don´t be rude :steamsalty: or toxic :killcrate: otherwise you will be blocked
5) I never go first in cross game trades :tropicanstar:
6) Don´t spam me otherwise you will be removed from friends :steamfacepalm: / blocked
7) Always text me before inviting me to a game or sending me a link :heartg:
8) Adding me and removing me after without saying anything will cause block :skul:

Counter Strike Keys :csgoct: for Rocket League Credits :rloctane:
[H] 1x Counter Strike Key [W] 1600 Rocket League Credits (Hydra key for 600c)
[H] Counter Strike Skin [W] Rocket League Credits (rate like while selling TF key on market)

Team Fortress 2 Keys :flameon: for Rocket League Credits :rloctane:
[H] 1x Team Fortress 2 Key [W] 550 Rocket League Credits (530c if more than 20 TF)
[H] Rocket League Credits Offer [W] 1x Team Fortress 2 Key

Why should you trust me?
I have: level 90 on steam, owner of 134 games, no ban or restriction, over 1420 real +reps on steam (Check them HERE ), haven´t renamed for over 5 years :2018bestaward: :goldtrophy: :racetrophy: :F12015Crown:

In Game Trading
I trade items in Rocket League. You can check all my trades HERE [] :cure:
You can also simply exchange your items HERE []
I do NOT return items back after trade.

Wanna learn how to trade? I have 3 bundles for you!
100 RL credits bundle - 1 question (or more if you don´t understand my answer) about anything related to trading (whatever)
500 RL credits bundle - I will tell you all good trading methods that currently work (advanced)
1000 RL credits bundle - I will call with you, check your inventory and tell you what you should do with it to maximize your daily profit + all methods (novice)
I made over 340 000 credits profit with my methods

Wanna be better at CS:GO? I can coach you!
2000 RL credits / 10 euro skin - I will call with you, take you on workshop maps to improve your aim and game sense, 30-45 mins duration (no surf, no bhop)

CS:GO skins for sale:
(H) AK-47 | Elite Build FT (W) 510c
(H) SG 553 | Darkwing FT (W) 210c
(H) M4A1-S | VariCamo BS (W) 100c
(H) Nova | Wild Six FT (W) 100c
(H) SSG 08 | Acid Fade FN (W) 280c
(H) AK-47 | Safari Mesh FT (W) 60c
(H) SSG 08 | Abyss MW (W) 230c
(H) P90 | Elite Build FT (W) 60c
(H) AWP | Pit Viper MW (W) 280c
(H) SG 553 | Damascus Steel BS (W) 90c
(H) Tec-9 | Bamboo Forest FT (W) 200c
(H) Special Agent Ava | FBI (W) 2200c
(H) Viewer Pass | StarLadder Berlin 2019 (W) 3080c
(H) SSG 08 | Orange Filigree FN (W) 1650c
(H) MAG-7 | Chainmail MW (W) 800c
(H) SCAR-20 | Crimson Web FT (W) 370c
(H) USP-S | Torque FT (W) 330c
(H) Operation Hydra Case Key (W) 790c
By adding me to friends you have read all above and accept it.

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