Want to add me? Sure just leave a comment with a good enough reason and I might accept!!!

Music helps me through a lot of things, so if you see me sad don't hessitate to send me some songs.

These songs is my kind of music. : Reverie : where'd you go : Afterlife : Fractures : Haunt : Love you better : Little poor me
Best Friends.


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cutie gurl ^-^ Mar 21 @ 2:08am 
i found you on bazaar in your trade post. i have add you because two reason: 1- i want to buy your unusual victory lap showstopper with keys pure. 2- i love wolves too since dogs and wolves are my favorite animal so if you want i'm interested to be your friend too because i really love make new friends on steam,despite the fact that manly reason for adding is the trade.
Greed Feb 26 @ 8:21pm 
Mikey Feb 14 @ 8:05pm 
Added to discuss price about your aussie grenade launcher
About 43 Ninjas Feb 13 @ 5:27pm 
Sorry but this soon after buying my brigade I'm not looking to take offers on it. Maybe in the future if something I want more appears for sale or I get tired of it, but not currently.

By the way, that's some really good music in your bio.
CrazyKillerBunny Feb 3 @ 6:40am 
Added to discuss price for your aussie rl
GalacticCore Feb 1 @ 5:48pm 
Want To Buy Your Australium Pro ks Grenade Launcher for 24 Keys Pure
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