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Mr Larry J. Jones   Sweden
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🤖 Attempting to be a living human trading bot 🤖

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Wanna add me
➡Yes! I would love to add you, but only for the right reasons, if it was anything else other than a trade sadly no, I would have to remove you from my contacts.

➡Comment on why you are adding my profile, this helps me get an idea of what you are bringing to me on the table.

What else should I take note of
➡Inventory must be public

➡The use of a steam authentication is crucial for the trading process. I rarely make trades that include the 15-day trade hold

➡Trade backs or refund for an item isn't what I quite agree with but give me a valid reason and I will take into consideration

➡If trades include the use of cash payments I wouldn't accept until I have decided to cash-out

➡I can reserve items that you are interested in and list it as a current offer, but I will be searching for more offers that may beat out

➡Do not send me trade offers before discussing them with me first, I will immediately cancel them as I prefer to make the final decision before accepting any offers
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76 keys ✅ <-- Starting amount invested
100 keys ✅
200 keys ❌
300 keys ❌
400 keys ❌
500 keys ❌
600 keys ❌
700 keys ❌
800 keys ❌
900 keys ❌
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Created by - Froo Birb!
838 ratings
Have you ever seen a pootis bird wearing a hat, but soon after aquiring a Chicken Kiev yourself, find it impossible to put hats on? Look no further, for it is possible to equip hats with the head replacements.

NOTE: I will likely not be replying to co

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mane Feb 20 @ 2:59pm 
cant send u an offer so add me back
sucwubz Feb 17 @ 2:15am 
im selling unusual items on do u mind having a look
an unnamed human Feb 15 @ 4:59am 
yo I got a scorching frag proof I could offer on the frostbite. I would send a trade but ur bp tf trade link seems to be broken.
strx Feb 5 @ 5:04am 
Added to talk
HamsterJungleRetired Jan 30 @ 10:38pm 
yangy Jan 24 @ 8:54pm 
Would you be interested in a Scorching Flames Batter's Helmet? Trying to get rid of it for pure.