Энакин Скайуокер   Meleuz, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation
«Вся жизнь игра, а люди в ней актёры...» У. Шекспир :Raccoon:
Ценю игры как искусство :Raccoon:
People=Shit :Owl:
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:Prainbow::tisdestroyer::astralprojection: Performance review for Sant1GTR :fakecoloursgameicon::glasswindow::HalloweenFlowers:

One or two minor errors have been spotted in work presented in the current period, not putting the business at risk, but which could have been prevented if the facts and figures had been properly checked. Is usually decisive, but too often fails to take account of all possibilities, and this has caused a few problems in the past 6 months. Or takes account of all possibilities but takes too long to reach the final decision. Smart, and not afraid of unfamiliar topics and new concepts, and shows a good ability to learn and adapt. But it usually takes a session or two before Sant1GTR will engage in the discussion. Appears confident with familiar situations and people, but still sometimes nervous or over-confident when in an unfamiliar context.

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