Papa Potato
EndRogue   Taipei, T'ai-pei, Taiwan
Due to IAB and CAASPP testing for high school and an early college course, I won't be online nearly as much. If I am so, it's probably because I need to get work done digitally.

Also, here's my schedule:

-In-Game: Feel free to invite, although I only play TF2.

-Online: Either AFK, doing Algebra I, studying Biology, or surfing the Internet.

-Offline: Exactly what it says.

Keep in mind I probably won't answer questions on my comments as I rarely look upon my own profile except to check my hours or to spice things up.

Good day.
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oh jesus thats a lot
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you dont know addiction to vid games
Sivear Apr 2 @ 8:26am 
skrub luk at my hours
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hi friend