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I'm purging my friends list. If I removed you, feel free to re-add. I may be leaving Team Fortress 2 sometime during next year. Probably

Also, here's my schedule:

-In-Game: Feel free to invite, although I only play TF2.

-Online: Either AFK, doing Algebra I, studying Biology, or surfing the Internet.

-Offline: Exactly what it says.

Keep in mind I probably won't answer questions on my comments as I rarely look upon my own profile except to check my hours or to spice things up.

Good day.
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Papa_Potato Jun 29 @ 3:05pm 
mk I deleted the conversation. I saved half of it but if you still want to talk add me.
Papa_Potato Jun 12 @ 9:48am 
Nick the melon Jun 11 @ 10:54pm 
Hours don't mean shet in TF2, people use it for skill assumption but in reality we all know it keeps track of hours to show how much of your life you've wasted. As of me typing this I've wasted 204 hours. :melon:
Papa_Potato Jun 11 @ 10:29pm 
lol 3k hours

and I'm still shit at TF2
Papa_Potato Jun 7 @ 10:18am 
oh no