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Growing up I had a difficult time solving math problems. Because of my lack of intelligence in mathematics my math teacher would often scold me, my friends would often make fun of me, and my parents were disappointed. I was desperate and had no purpose in life. Just about a week ago I tried to suicide knowing that I would fail in life. I want my suicide to be fast so I don't feel pain. I searched up how to suicide with no pain. And that's when I stumbled upon Frog Fraction. I thought maybe I could give it a try because tbh I was afraid and I hope this game could be my last resort. So, I tried this game. At first, I don't like the game. Only a boring frog game. But as I play more and more the thought of suicide is gone. My heart were filled with joy, my brain were filled with dopamine, and my d*ck were fully erected. I cannot describe how grateful I am for this game. Now I teach math for my friends and math teacher. My parents never felt so proud of me. It was a life changing experience.

♡̷̷ Dec 19, 2020 @ 8:11am 
Stormfeud Jun 29, 2020 @ 8:23am 
Ulitmate weeb, lul
Revel Jun 28, 2020 @ 10:34am 
Jailer— Dec 24, 2019 @ 9:06am 
Merry Christmas :steamhappy:
Kung Lao Chicken May 18, 2019 @ 4:41am 
+rep best csgo player
Kung Lao Chicken Apr 9, 2019 @ 7:26am 
+rep as expected from a weeboo