Michał   Poland
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╠══► From: Poland :earth1:
╠═══► Game: Conter-Strike Global Offensive :firealone:
╚════► Name: Michał
:happyevil: :happyevil:
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Krumpáč | Pvpro.com Jun 20 @ 12:34pm 
WH and playing noob gun
Handy Mar 19 @ 8:32am 
Pozdrawiam serdecznie ;) Handy 2k18
Vortexiel Mar 17 @ 10:44pm 
Hello, I am reaching out to you because I see you have person named "Engine csgo***.com" in your friendlist. I just want to warn you that tihs person is a SCAMMER.
He offers to people Moderator position on his "gambling site".
He will ask you some questions about age, experience etc.
Then he will tell you to check out and login in to his site.
But this site is FAKE and serves as PHISHING site.
DO NOT Put your login information there, it will be stolen and most likely sent to him instead of logging you to the site. Already made a reddit post about it.
+rep good player (awp master) i love you scan's and i like you
Lucky Luke # 20 fps Feb 19 @ 12:38pm 
Sir_Pumpo Jan 31 @ 12:59pm 
Love you so much jj