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BOT#1 GIVEAWAY Nov 25 @ 11:22pm 
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Elvira Nov 18 @ 7:48am 
We carry out large-scale free distribution of RUST items. Use this code "SA_WINFE_N57" here
(Rustoria .store If the site is unavailable, remove the space before the store)
list of items that you can get (determined randomly):
* Big Grin - Chance to Get
* Alien Relic SMG - Chance to Get
* Plate Carrier - Black - Chance to Get
* Creepy Clown Bandana - Chance to Get
* Glory AK47 - Chance to Get
* Freshly Dug Grave - Probability of receiving
* Metal Tree Door - Chance to Get
* Punishment Mask - Chance to Get
(Use the code! Guaranteed get one of the above items.)
Just Dew ( Nov 7 @ 5:03pm 
+REP butters my salami, gives me free skins, and free ♥♥♥ nuggets
COLD Nov 3 @ 5:01am 
Add me, willing to overpay on trade hope you consider Thanks
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"uszy Oct 10 @ 7:57pm 
Hi can you accept me?