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Goresu Nov 23 @ 6:52pm 
+rep Thanks for the trade!
Mairu Nov 17 @ 5:55am 
Added to discuss price suggestion
Kabbada Nov 10 @ 3:40am 
added for a price suggestion
†weezer Nov 8 @ 5:58am 
you too
†weezer Nov 6 @ 6:33am 
get your trash outta here boi
†weezer Oct 25 @ 8:03am 
It's for your Strange Pyroland Daydream Starboard Crusader. I need clarification on your hat.
Suggestion: https://backpack.tf/suggestion/61691ea3fdfccc6d02779724#comment-6175192d35a7255b7006154b
FrenchToast Oct 25 @ 7:54am 
Whyd ya add me
EJ'SPaPa(On Break) Oct 16 @ 6:04pm 
PolarKid Oct 15 @ 4:34am 
Offer sent for your unusual:CashMoneys::CashMoneys:
PromanPL with X Oct 8 @ 9:13am 
+rep gave me rocket launcher for free
Joath The Imaginary Oct 7 @ 12:31am 
+rep Awesome medic, suck you got auto balance.:HappyMoonman:
†weezer Sep 26 @ 11:44pm 
ohh i see. thanks for the information!
[FP] jh34ghu43gu Sep 26 @ 11:02pm 
The suggestion got accepted so I couldn't reply, taunts stopped dropping in 2014/2015 a bit after the love and war update, if you go to the stats page of all those taunts (including high five) you can see Timed Drop item origins.
[Fumo] Jumbaco Sep 15 @ 1:42pm 
Hi there! Added since you seem pretty good at hunting down item IDs for price suggestions.
Pally Sep 1 @ 10:49pm 
yeah bruh
cUM EATER Aug 29 @ 7:07pm 
Hi can u add me? Wanna talk about price suggs
†weezer Aug 29 @ 5:52pm 
funni trade +rep
treasure Aug 29 @ 5:45pm 
+rep good trader, let me pay 2 keys for his one refined! What a steal!
Oppressor Jun 12 @ 2:33am 
+rep good polite trader
Opii May 12 @ 12:24am 
+rep fast, polite trader.
Just cinky (UwU) May 2 @ 5:35pm 
+rep fast trade :)
tommy Apr 29 @ 7:13am 
+rep fast trade and good guy
CzaJka Mar 24 @ 4:52am 
+ Rep , good trader :sticky::steamthumbsup:
k pro Mar 18 @ 8:06pm 
+Rep :steamthis: fast trade
Kat Mar 5 @ 8:03am 
+rep :steamthumbsup: fast trade
ᴶᴿmime Feb 8 @ 7:56pm 
+rep good trader