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Arisandi Jun 8 @ 2:55pm 
thank you :)
Ibbqu Jun 8 @ 11:47am 
I LOVE your intersections, they are very helpful! :)
Arisandi May 23 @ 7:34am 
good. I like that
Angelhearth May 23 @ 6:22am 
What I did was to make the slope go from where the ramps start (2-3U in on each side) and made the part of the diamond closest to the highway into elevated. Did a small adjustment (down) on where the slope starts, with "Move It!".
Arisandi Apr 25 @ 3:55am 
my PC potato too. thats why i can not instal more mods or props for decorating my intersections like the other creator. not all interchanges is good.especialy the old one. just to be honest. thanks for using my intersections.