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Hahahaha that's hilarious 😂 , it's actually so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ funny lmao 😝 who did this haha I'm going to share with all my friend and family members on Facebook and Instagram meme pages haahh actually I'm going to add a caption first to make it even more hilarious "XD" as my son says who is also on on the ways of memes such as this one I usually yell at him for being a lazy minellial and not doing his work but now I totally understand what he is up to. Oh man I wished my parents were alive to see how far meme culture has come because they would have loved this joke their dogs always love popping bubble wrap that the got from packages. I'll tell you that for nowt as well how much things cost nowadays is ridiculous like the economy is ruined and I almost feel bad for all you hardcore gamerz out there but I know in the end your insane skillz will pull you through.
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No :)
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