Left behind, but you still gotta fight till the end... I may not be strong... but I am somewhat persistent... and I will not give up... I will take care off those who need me... I will take responsibillity of things I have to... I will try my best to live life to take care off others... because in the end... My motto still states: "I care more about others than myself" ~Yass,,ine?
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Hey you, yes you. Have you ever thought about giving up?... And if you did.... What were you going to do after?.. Literally give up on anything you care about still.... Never do that... And have you ever heard of people around you that care about you? Or have you heard someone saying it?... Or didn't you?.... Every one... and I repeat... Every...One... Has that one person, that cares about them... And so do you care back, but how much?... Don't you think the other person would be ripped apart if they get to find out that you are giving up? Of course they will! So this is a message to all of you... Never give up, never surrender... Fight till that person you care about so much is save... Because I would... I wouldn't care how much my body gets torn apart... I will keep standing up, looking at my oponnent's eyes, and I'd be saying: I am not staying down till you are, or till they/he/she is save...(I especially would protect a she, but that "She" Knows that I am talking about her.. <3~)

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✫SilverMonster✫ Jul 2 @ 6:56pm 
+Rep My brother,here for me,always,never you leave me alone.Protective,nice,careful like a real brother I know since years <3
Carlo Hemsen Apr 24 @ 10:29pm 
Happy Birthday ♥️
ShaNeki Apr 24 @ 9:07am 
LMAO you were the sandbagging troll in that match XDDDDD Having comments unabled how cute XDDDDD
[SSQ] Officer Feng Apr 24 @ 5:47am 
-rep farms teammates witohout borrowed
ShaNeki Apr 16 @ 9:48am 
It's perfect.
Yellow Apr 16 @ 9:07am 
Haha this name tho