Kraig   Indiana, United States
Quotes of 2019

SpaceManCM: Going into a EF5 Hurricane

Luke: We are gonna hunt for fish and fish for deer

TurtleReaper14: wow you word correcting Nazi

doodle: sorry my cat stepped on keyboard

[DN] GaZe Zero o(╥﹏╥)o [M: lads laptops r gay

SpaceManCM: Brb ima hobdo the dishes

SpaceManCM: Are you getting on Minepixel

Sam: Have you ever realized butter is just a loaf of milk

(Server) Obama nuked the world is joining the server!

gabe2k2: am I not thoust one who deliver the fire from which you warm thyself

Jdmbt: LGBTQ+69Racecar

epic group YT: can you dont

MinuitSΔx: this is more toxic than school shooter simulator

SpaceManCM: this website looks like it was made by that one iranian guy you hear in a game saying he bought internet in exchange for his wife
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