Rarikitty   Detroit, Michigan, United States
Read the info below first before adding me, please and thank you.

Currently Online
My Info
Age: 22
Real Life Name: None of your business >:3
Birthday: June 11th
Hobbies: Gaming, spending time with Family and Friends
Personality: I'm rather quiet (not a very talkative person)
I'm also a huge fan of KoЯn
Favorite Type of Music: Rap, Heavy Metal, Gospel and a bit of Country
Discord: 🧡Applejack🧡#6955
Things I Like: Playing games, cooking, hanging out with friends
Things I Hate: Liars, drama

Don't even try adding me if you have a private profile otherwise the friend request will be ignored.
At least leave a comment as to why you're adding me. (Be specific plz)
I don't allows friend request from anyone with VAC bans, a blank profile pic or that just want to trade.
Don't even think about asking for any of my tf2 items.
Don't expect me to be the one to start a conversation. (I'm just not used to it sometimes)
If you're gonna unfriend me, please explain why
If you want to do erp with me, just ask.
I do NOT like drama, so don't bring it to my profile.
As long as we get along and have no problems, we should be good.
If you are offline for more than 10 days, you will be removed

Online: Playing games or on my phone messaging friends
Away: Gone from my laptop for a bit (at least leave a message)
Busy: Doing homework, helping around the house or other things
Offline: Laptop/phone is off or going to take a nap

My Lovely Friends
My Former Girlfriend: Glace

BFF/Senpai: TheProtossExecutor

The Nutter Butter: Nutystar

Laughing Tea Kettle: Joseph Sparkle

Ninja: SevenxNinja

Wolf Friend: Omega Wolf

Memester: †|DQS|† ㄥ乇Ꮆ乇几ᗪ

Uncle Fubu: Froodoo Foozboo

Cutest Neko: Bubble Butt

Chub Pone: Tubby Rarity <3

Dragon Friend: Midnight Storm

Slick Nick: Nick the Slick

Cutest Moon Princess: [PP][Red λ]☾❤[Blue]Lulu~

Rainbow Pone: [PP][Red λ]Rainbow~Dash<3

Sexy Gamer Pone: [redλ](ςяуѕтαℓ)Woona

Incinebutt: Incineroar

Mommy: Sleepy Snippy

Daughter: Jessie

Name: 🍒¢нєяяу яσѕє🌹

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Fur Color: Dark grey

Mane and Tail color: Red and Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Tails Doll Aug 12 @ 2:02pm 
i can see why you dont like private profiles due to hackers and scam bots
but scam bots dont comment on profiles( i think)
and a hacker will never tell you they are one
ThatOneFlameyPony Aug 8 @ 1:40pm 
erp = thot centre so B GONE T H O T
soap Aug 6 @ 6:10pm 
says what in Japanese with intense face zoom
Swamp Aug 6 @ 11:19am 
Tails Doll Aug 5 @ 6:36pm 
omae mou shindeiru
Swamp Aug 3 @ 8:58pm 
lil smollie