🌈Rainbow Shy Dash🌈
Rarikitty "Chubby Bat Pone"   Detroit, Michigan, United States
Read the info below first before adding me, please and thank you.

Currently Offline
Info about me
* Age: 24
* Birthday: June 11th
* Personalities: Nice, Sweet, Kind, Friendly, Trustworthy, Quiet, Emotionless (rarely)
* I may change my profile pic and username from time to time
* I’m a huge wrestling fan
* I love to listen to Gospel, Rap, Hip Hop R&B, Heavy Metal, Dubstep, and a little bit of country
* If you wish to add me on Discord : 💛Flutterbat💛 #6955

Things I DO NOT accept
* Private profiles
* Anyone with a VAC ban
* Blank profile pics
* Anyone with a Steam Level below 5
* Being added only for roleplaying, trading, etc
* Anyone silently removing me from their friend list
* Random friend invites (If you wish to add me, please explain why or you will be ignored)
* If however you are offline for 10 days or more, you will most likely be removed

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