I'm gonna leave Germany for   New Zealand
Some german lad who's a trader, a fanboy of some ghost noodle and 2 demon tomboys and wants to live in New Zealand.
I'm normal.

Also I lost a bet so I gotta commit to this Sans pic for a while.

Wall of Quotes featuring some of the biggest madlads of the universe
(more to come)

Rey: mucy gang mucy gang mucy gang mucy gang mucy gang

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Okayyyyyy - stuff related to me!
Links backpack []
Happy with my brokering services? Leave a +trust here! []
Trade offer link for lazy peck necks
Discord? Yes I have that, only giving out to those peeps I know for a long time though.

Some rules, because I like mocking you
I am not accepting your invite if you:
● have a private profile OR inventory
● have low hours on TF2
● are marked on any trading site (unless it's trading with scammers)
● not comment why you add me - VERY important.

I WILL block you if you don't respond with a comment within some time after adding me so for the love of hell do both of us a favor and respect that. I don't bite. It doesn't hurt at least.

Brokering services? They still exist? What do I need to keep in mind?
Of course dummy!
Though there are some concerns after you know... Merp basically fucked up this department of trading and people became scared - I can assure you I've successfully brokered for quite a while now, going as far as to broker hats worth around 100 keys.

Again, I have rules:
● I broker for free, first time only - you probably don't know me too much and trust needs to build, not gonna ask for some kinda fee to make you sleep a little bit easier.
● Usually brokering for Profit - B/O (I.e. I sell your hat for a certain price above what you were asking back then) which means I get to keep all additional profit.
● Alternatively fees can be between 3% up to 10% depending on the worth of your hat if no B/O is given. Percentages are based on what I sell it for in the end so it's a bit more fair for you if you really care about it THAT much.

Rep stuff links
SteamRep []

Some FAQ or questions you might WANT to ask but I'm throwing the answers out already.
1. I added and commented you, WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING MEH?!?
- Mate, I must've been offline for a while or haven't checked 'cause usually I'm online like most of the day.
If you do end up SOMEHOW getting missed out, sorry for that, I might just not have the time to talk to you right now. I have work, hobbies and a pecking LIFE pally, chill.

2. Why the peck are you dropping my hat? You're mean and targetting me!
- I just happen to be a suggestor, I devote some time of my life to actually reflect what the market is on your hat. Tough work. If I happen to drop multiple hats of you it just might be random occurrence or I'm on a Mini train (i.e. finding a Mini for a Mini for a Mini etc.) where I often don't care about you or your hat if I have to price it.

3. Uh... what's with those tomboys you were talking about earlier?
- While you might be some normie liking the ahem... mainstream shit, cartoons and what not I've been on a quest to find the most loveable and amazing characters out there.
And my picks are: Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel and Damien from Zoophobia - seriously, I'm loving these two for being badass, snarky and absolute madlads. And you can relate to some of their problems so well, at least I can for sure.

4. Can I add you even for something non-trading related.
- I don't mind, just... don't be a nuisance, aight? I don't play too often at this point so yeah.

5. Do you do cash trades?
- Nope. Use sites to convert cash into keys like, or BitSkins but don't bug me with that kinda stuff.

6. Hey I like that G. Codex Head Full of Hot Air and that '72 Victory Lap or even this Acidic Bubbles of Envy Pool Party, can I offer on them?
- If you want to go ahead, expect to be in hell afterwards though. They're my babies and I don't trade them away. Never. EVER.

7. Any kind of personal stuff you wanna talk about or more infos on who you are IRL?
- Be a good friend of mine for longer than like half a year and I might open up to you.

8. Any chance of trade backs?
- If I'm the one wanting to do so yes. If you ask me to do so though... sorry pally.

9. Any chance I can reserve something?
- Of course, just leave me a deposit of some kind, get your stuff together and you'll get back what you deposited! Unable or unwilling to do so? Can't guarentee you the item is gonna be yours in that case.

10. CAn U gIvE mE fReE ItEmS???
- Short and simple. No. Unless you're a good friend of mine!

Some music I listen to
❣️"Life is but a dream, we livin', stop trippin', you know what it is, you know what it isn't!"❣️

What gets me up in the morning to start the day ^°^
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I'll will trade you again tommow I have an untradable item rn which I will offer tommorow when I can
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