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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:50pm

First of Many

Find one piece of location data.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:50pm

Glorious Monuments

Unlock the second tier of derelicts.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 8:07pm

Never Too Versatile

Pick a specialization for a character.
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 6:20am

Rust in Peace

Lose a character in combat.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 6:56am

Fully Proficient

Max out an ability.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 9:13pm

Prepared for Anything

Have all single character's equipment slots filled.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 8:20pm

Errand Boy

Complete a contract.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:00pm


Find and equip an Illustrious piece of gear.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:28pm

No Time Wasted

Win a combat encounter in one round.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:26pm

Flawless Victory

Win a combat encounter without receiving any damage.
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 6:26am


Revive a fallen character.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:44pm

No Fear of Zombies

Kill Necroguard without losing a character or retreating.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 8:05pm

Massive Impact

Kill multiple enemies with one attack.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:33pm

Appetite Ruined

Learn the secrets of eating in a space suit.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 7:15pm


Help Espinoch transcend his flesh existence.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 6:51pm

Diligent Trashman

Collect 6 piles of trash for Arberi.

Majestic Monoliths

Unlock the third tier of derelicts.

Let's Try an Intern

Hire a mercenary.

Scavenger Elite

Get a character to level 10.

Fresh Loot

Lose an entire party in combat.

Oxygen Not Included

Lose an entire party due to energy depletion.

Professional Pride

Go to a derelict with three characters of the same class.

Danger Zone

Enter a derelicts two levels higher than your highest ranked character.

Executive and Greedy

Complete all side missions on a single playthrough.

Nobody is Irreplaceable

Dismiss a character.

No Life Without Sacrifice

Convert a piece of loot into energy.


Win a fight with only one character remaining.

This Ship is Too Small for Both of Us

Vanquish a rival scavenger group.

Smooth Talker

Get friendly with a rival scavenger group.

Trench Warfare

Have a combat encounter that lasts for 50 rounds.

The Real Pain

Spend a total of 5000 credits on medical costs.
3,260 / 5,000

I'll Buy My Own World

Have a cash balance of 100000 credits.

True Scavenger

Beat the game on Hardcore.


Go to a derelict with three aggressive characters.

Da Blast!

Deal over 100 points of damage with a single attack.

Close Call

Successfully return to the station after running out of energy.


Raise a character's skill to 200.


Build all research upgrades at the station.


Have over 200 shield points on a character in combat.

Try'em All

Advance at least one character of each class to level 2.

Bronze Medal

Advance past the 5th encounter in Arena mode.

Silver Medal

Advance past the 10th encounter in Arena mode.

Gold Medal

Advance past the 15th encounter in Arena mode.

Arena Champion

Beat Arena mode.


Play 4 or more cards on a single turn.

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