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Personal Achievements

Ultimate Wizard

Complete trial #50 without losing a heart.

Master wizard

Complete all trials.

Perfect start

Build a tower with 99 bricks in endless survival challenge without losing any hearts.

Bare bones

Complete trial #40 without using any magic.

Speed. Precision.

Win a normal race match within 80 seconds without dropping any bricks.

Like a glove…

Finish trial #6 with 3 hearts left without picking up a spell.

In the moonlight

Drop the moon.


Survive the 8th wave in survival special mode or in endless survival challenge.

Think fast!

Finish trial #8 with at least 52 seconds left on the clock.

99 Bricks!

Build a tower with 99 bricks in Endless Survival Challenge.

No need to rotate

Complete trial #30 without rotating a brick.

Green fingers

Connect 7 bricks with 1 ivy spell.

Mode master

Win an online game of every mode in every difficulty at least once.

Almost there

Unlock the master trials.

On the right track

Unlock the expert trials.

Doing good

Unlock the pro trials.

Baby steps

Unlock the apprentice trials.

Match winner

Win an online match.

Brick stacker

Place 66 bricks in endless survival challenge.


Do a 180 with the roof in race mode.


Get a brick count of 20 or higher in a puzzle match.

Save some room

Finish trial #20 one unit below the zapper.

Bigger than magic

Finish trial #21 without using any magic.

You stay there!

Stomp on 5 bubbled bricks without dropping them in the water.

All-round magician

Use all magic spells once.

Close call

Win an online survival match with 1 heart left.

Show off

Win an online normal survival match without using any magic.

Shadow stacker

Build a tower of 99 bricks in endless puzzle mode.

Cup winner!

Win an online cup.