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🐾Glowstick🐾 Apr 17 @ 8:22pm 
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rome Feb 24 @ 7:06am 
halff not cujo Jan 28 @ 1:43pm 
Luebert Jan 4 @ 3:06am 
Why is that so many kids grow up with this thought that being white is not cool, I hate this suburbia hip hop influence that depicts the white race as a lesser, unintelligent people.
In reality the WHITE people are proud, we work, go to school, have great virtues. Look at the people who have gotten mad at me because I am PROUD TO BE WHITE. If I was a black man saying black pride, its a fact I would get compliments and inspiration from people not the negative feedback because I am white.
rome Jan 4 @ 2:47am 
This is an automated message sent by the International Agency of Shomrim. We have seen that you have made numerous Anti-Semetic attacks online regarding questioning factual evidence of the Holocaust and highlighting to the public the fact that "Jews created communism." and were directly responsible for "Killing over one hundred million people in under one century." And making other such claims that Jews are responsible for global corruption and supporting global genocide against the white race. We are to inform you that you are now on a watchlist, and that you are to be monitored 24/7 as of now. Your actions have concerned us, and we are in suspicion that you are a potential risk to Jews in your society. you are now labeled as an Anti-Semite. If you have not stated these things and are not an Anti-Semite please contact representative Schlomo J Feinstein of the International Shomrim & Jewish Directorate of Public Affiliations at once to fix this major error by calling (696) GOY-1984
ies크림 Dec 31, 2017 @ 3:02am 
Thank you for your hard work this past year:Erwind: