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What?   Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Revolvers are classy...

...something lacking in this town that I live in. Let us at least try and desaturate the filth that propergates this planet we call home. If that is not possible, abandoning it all together is not out of the question. Space is unbounded after all, and the earth is even smaller.

Somedays you think the entire world is going to erupt into anarchy, people blowing eachothers heads off. Left, right and politically neutral people will just be destroying everything in their path because they've never had the chance to do so yet. Meanwhile, I'll be looking at the chaos from my space station, drinking tea, with Elon Musk and the only clever person in the world (see below).

So you have your racists, your emos, your SJWs, your corrupt politicians, your edgy idiots, your brainless catholics, your souless CEOs, your contracted pop stars, your chavs, your uninformed idiots, your posh twats, your hipsters, your idiots who think they're better than everyone around them, your people who say they hate something then do it immediately afterwards, your idiots who think the world is going to end, your idiots who think that humanity is doomed (me), your goths who say "it's just who they are now", your complainers that never get anything done (also me), your self referencial twats who think they're funny, your abusive parents, your idiots who don't believe in climate change, your producers for bad TV shows, your annoying-voiced company spokes-people, your people that like to list off things and many more to name. Why do these people exist?

The answer is pure chance. Another is that they are ever so slight variations in a universe that is just big enough to be mind boggling. Yes, we are insignificant, but not unimportant.

Still, since there is so much to know in this universe that makes us all idiots. Well, all except one. No, I'm not talking about me. You know who you are. The one that lost. The one that has incredible intelligence. I don't suppose you'll see this, though,

At least Norway is fairly decent, or so I'm told.

Thank you 3am brain for this rambling.
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