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Nov 24 @ 12:42pm
In topic Couch co-op?
I think you misunderstood, I can add gamepad support, but it will be like playing first person shooter on a gamepad. Do you use gamepad to play shooters on PC or a mouse and a keyboard? Most people don't use pads to play such games because it's better to play on the mouse to have more precision. That's why the gamepad support has been not added. I tested the gamepad and it was not working well so I have not implemented it.

Having it as an option for those who like playing such games on the gamepad would be nice though, so probably I should do this even though most people will not use it.

Thank you for your interest in my game.
Nov 24 @ 12:33pm
In topic Launch Windows 11?
Originally posted by kamil96500:
After enabling the compatibility mode windows 8 works but unfortunately sometimes a black screen will pop up.

Unfortunately I don't know yet how to fix this. If there is Windows 10 compatibility on the list, maybe try it.
Nov 19 @ 2:32pm
In topic Couch co-op?
Originally posted by rchrdcrg:
Originally posted by Unusualsoft:
No it doesn't.
Well enjoy my fifty cents cuz I probably won't be playing this much then... I bought this because my partner and I love Rocket League so much and wanted more. We only have one computer. What a shame.

If you are unhappy please request a refund.

This game has been made to be played with the keyboard and mouse (you need to rotate the camera like in shooters), split screen games make more sense in gamepad based games.

On top of that I am a solo indie developer, so adding a split screen feature 10 years after the release of the game that was designed to not be played on one computer by two players would be quite difficult. Could be done, but the fact that you need the mouse and keyboard to play makes it not possible.
Nov 19 @ 2:19am
In topic Couch co-op?
No it doesn't.
Nov 19 @ 2:18am
In topic Launch Windows 11?
Originally posted by kamil96500:
How to turn on ball 3d in windows 11, because I have a black screen forever?

Maybe try to run it in the Windows 8 compatibility mode.
Nov 19 @ 2:18am
In topic BUG | Logging in screen
Try the solutions from the last 2 posts in this link:
Nov 1 @ 12:52am
In topic Other sports in singeplayer?
At the moment no, but it will be possible in the future.
Oct 26 @ 9:25am
In topic Update 3.79
Oct 24 @ 12:32am
In topic przyklady
To są przykłady z czasu gdy jeszcze korzystałeś z discorda, przypomnij sobie za co byłeś na nich banowany. Nie zakładaj tu tematów na temat unmute, bo go nie dostaniesz, już pytałeś o to wiele razy i wciąż odpowiedź jest taka sama.
Oct 22 @ 11:26am
In topic nie moge znalezc
Przykro mi ale nie możesz. Pytałem już kilka razy adminów o to i za każdym razem mi to odradzali, podając niedawne przykłady Twojego zachowania na discordzie. Rozumiem, że gra z mute jest uciążliwa, ale niestety nie mogę Ci go zdjąć.
Oct 18 @ 9:47am
In topic Rocket League clone?
Ball 3D was originally released on 02 Jun 2012 as a web game.
Oct 15 @ 6:35am
In topic Update 3.77
The other possible solution is to enable Ball 3D as described here:
Oct 8 @ 5:08am
In topic Update 3.76
Oct 4 @ 10:31pm
In topic Problem z połączeniem.

Możliwym rozwiązaniem jest otwarcie portu 37004 na routerze osoby, która stawia serwer.

Jeśli to nic nie da, to jedynym wyjściem jest gra na serwerze dedykowanym.
Sep 28 @ 7:37am
In topic connecting problems
Originally posted by SiczU:
As for the fact that I have to change the port to 37004, it did not work. And is there really no other way?

If you are behind a router and have an option to connect your Internet directly to the computer (USB or something, without the router) it may help. You can also try to use the mobile hot spot and play on it.
Sep 27 @ 9:19am
In topic connecting problems
There is no real solution. You need to play on other room or dedicated servers. Opening the port 37004 on the router of the person who creates the room may help.
Sep 19 @ 12:10pm
In topic update
Originally posted by ez aim:
po updacie trick dziala jak dno . dz

Już był kolejny update, który to zmienił.
Sep 19 @ 12:09pm
In topic Hi. How i can get a nick changer?
Sep 19 @ 4:49am
In topic Update 3.74
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