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In topic I can't play with my friend
You can play on dedicated rooms, or you can create a room and your friend may try to connect.

Also your friend may try to open port 37004 on his router.
Sep 17 @ 8:31am
In topic Many people are playing it online?
Hi koper.

Don't listen to people who are saying that I am destroying the game. The game is online since 2012 and it has a dedicated player base since then.

I have made countless updates and put thousands of hours of work to improve the game.

Some people are mad because I am sometimes removing some unbalanced features from the gameplay and they don't like this. They are most likely not able to explain what I am destroying exactly, if asked they will probably say you a few things they don't like. But they will for sure not tell you what I have improved or added:

- antilag
- network code
- dedicated servers
- more options
- 3d grass
- 3d tribunes
- better graphics
- new stadiums
- multiple balls
- bots
- tutorial
- sprint
- new trick
- mute feature and better banning

And other countless features.

If you want to talk to me, game admins or other players then you are invited to join our discord

This player would probably need to open a port 37004 on his router before creating the room. Ball 3D uses a Facilitator to go around such problems and also is trying to open the ports on the router, but maybe sometimes it fails. He can try to open it manually.

There is nothing you can do as if you can not connect to someone else's room, it's his fault not yours.
Sep 13 @ 12:51am
In topic accessing alternate jerseys in 2d soccer

The second set is only active when it's more different from your opponent's shirts color than your primary shirt. You need to wait for an opponent with a shirt similar to yours then when you will set your shirt, the alternative version will be activated.
Sep 8 @ 10:56am
In topic Maps and Mods Ball3D
it may be possible in the future.
Aug 31 @ 2:34am
In topic Sprint
Sedan95 and other players, thx for your opinion.

As a developer it is my job to make the game better. I am the one who sees the big picture and cares the most about the future of this game.

The problem is that the number of players was constantly going down, the matches at the top level looks pretty much the same. Actions are looking almost the same all the time (if two high skill teams are playing against each other) and if you score it is because of a mistake of the other team, rarely because you have created some incredible action. Most of the time it is just a volley.

Ball 3D was not so fun to watch. Top level match should be about something more than just cross pass + volley. Some variety was needed and I provided the variety, but for the reasons I mentioned players were not willing to learn this new skill.

How many people do you think played some serious sparrings with sprint for more than a few hours? You would probably need to spend at least 30 hours to learn how to play with sprint and the new trick. Even more to master it.

People say the sprint is bad, but why is it bad? Some argue that you can go to the opponent too fast, yet I have nerfed this sprint so much that this is not the case anymore. Of course sometimes you will be able to do this if you have full sprint on Real Soccer, then maybe you will be able to perform this. The other player can use the new trick, the sprint or a pass to counter this.

I decided to not force this among the old players, to avoid the hate, as I have enough hearing bad wishes into my direction for all the work I have put into this game. Also this new feature was directed into new players, who don't have the problem of having the non-sprint skills. They have to learn everything from scratch so they will probably learn sprint even faster than they will learn how to kick properly or how to curve properly.

Sure I wish I could go back in time and add this in 2012, but I can only add this now. Now we have antilag, we have dedicated servers. The lack of this in the past was the main reason why I have made Ball 3D slow, to mask the input latency. It turned out to be good for the game as it is now very strategic and not so arcade.

Sprint has been nerfed by a lot, I don't think it is now the skill that will let you win every game. The game is still about passes and now a bit more about dribbling and sprint management. But show me how you win a league just by using the sprint and I will consider changing it. On top of that sprint is the same for everyone, so no one is able to get any advantage over the other team by miraculously being able to use some more sprint than others.

I have played games with sprint and I have not noticed that suddenly players are not passing or doing other normal activities. I have only noticed that there are much more interesting actions going on. Like people are trying to find holes and use sprint to position themselves fast to receive a pass. Or people using sprint and new trick to save the ball from going over the line on the Real Soccer stadium. Or people pushing the GK finally, to not make the cross pass on the Real Soccer stadium.

Sure I still appreciate the old non-sprint Ball 3D. It has something nice in it, especially now as most of the players nearly perfected it when you compare it to sprint mode, when no one is even close to a perfection. If you know Ball 3D history, maybe you know that I was a good player in 2012-2013 playing in the best team at that time plus the fact that I have spent a lot of time thinking about the design of the game makes me quite credible to say my opinion about the gameplay of the game. I can see why the old players may never want to learn sprint, I don't plan to remove the old mode until the majority will play on Sprint.

I clearly see that the game is better with sprint, creating much more possibilities and also it is more fun to watch and seems more dynamic and faster, which is a good thing for potential new players. The current sprint force you to learn differently, if you will want to play as before, you may blame the sprint for your failures rather than your inability to adapt and to learn new mechanics of the game. And many players prefer to just discredit the sprint.

Also I have noticed many players, even league admins, spreading bad opinions about myself or insulting my and my family behind my back, for no obvious reasons. As I already mentioned young people can be easily manipulated.

These adult players for example once convinced one of the younger players to insult me while I was playing. They knew that I will ban this person for this, but they wanted to use him to have fun. And I don't remember who they were exactly, but one other person told me their names after this situation and these were adult and well known players.

Also in the past I have seen top players cheating in leagues by faking others or even selling tags. Really I have seen so much toxicity over the years and so much of non-logical behavior among this community (including the community leaders). That's why I have added the global mute to the game.

My point is that if you are insulting others, especially for no obvious reason or because you have lose a match in a video game, I consider you immature and not intelligent enough to be able to say anything useful about new features in the game. Unfortunately the majority still respects these toxic people and will follow their opinion.
Aug 31 @ 12:14am
In topic Sprint
The value of sprint is already pretty low. With sprint your speed is 4, without the sprint it is 3.

When you kick while sprinting the speed of the kicked ball increase by 1 unit, which means if it is normally around 16 it grows to 17 so this is a growth of around 6%.

You can also use this to pass faster if you think the ball is not moving fast enough during the passes.
Aug 30 @ 1:23pm
In topic Sprint
Why was sprint added to the game and why the old community doesn't like it.

Ball 3D has been created to simulate the soccer experience. Being able to sprint when you need is a crucial part of soccer, everyone who ever played soccer in real life should know this.

I am constantly trying to improve the Ball 3D gameplay, some changes turned to be good and some turned to be not so good and have been removed according to community requests or me seeing that something is not working as I intended.

Why Sprint has been added?

To make the game more attractive to new players and to make the gameplay more deep and less predictable, less stiff, more dynamic.

When the game was released for the first time in 2012, it was not possible to curve the ball. The gameplay was very predictable and very stiff. After I have added the curve, first reaction of many players were negative. They asked my why am I breaking the game. Players were forced to learn curving so they had no choice, they learned and after some time they loved the feature.

Then I have added vertical kick - and we had exactly the same situation. People told me I am breaking the game.

Then I have added a switch trick - same story, people were unhappy about my decision, but since they were forced to play with it, they eventually have seen this as something useful and good.

Sprint was a big change too, but this time I decided to not force the old community to play with it. As a player who plays the game since 2012 I understand why people may not like changes in the gameplay. Many players have been learning their skill for years and they can play Ball 3D at a very high level, without even thinking too much about it. This is a very fun thing to do, when you can play a game at a very high level and do not think about every move, because it is automatic. People like this.

When I introduced the sprint feature, I have disturbed this state for these players. Suddenly they are forced to learn a new skill. They felt like they are the masters of the game, they know every move and strategy. They have invested time into mastering things and suddenly there is something they are not good at. They would have to learn again and make mistakes in the process.

When I told about the sprint on facebook, I have already seen negative reactions. People were strongly against this change without even trying it. So it confirms what I am saying here and what I have seen over the years with other features I have introduced: people don't like changes to the gameplay they know and love.

My job as the gamedev is to make the game better and to make sure this game will exist. I have noticed many new players complaining about the game being way too slow for a soccer game. And I agree that it is quite slow. So the first reason behind the sprint was to solve this problem.

The second reason was to solve the problem of player chasing. In the past in Ball 3D when you were chasing the other players, it was not possible to chase. You could go after him, but your speed was always the same, so you were just wasting your time. It was a big problem, but I was among the few people who were bothered by this to be honest. I have not heard others to complain, but I decided to fix this anyway. The solution was to make the player slower when it is close to the ball. The problem of this was that suddenly the game became even slower and the kicks a bit weaker too because of the initial speed of the ball.

The sprint is a better solution. Now chasing is a whole new story. Depending on the situation and the state of your sprint bar, you may chase or not. It's similar like in real life soccer. If you are tired you will not be able to chase the other player.

Why sprint is making the Ball 3D gameplay better?

So I have already mentioned 2 good reasons why I added the sprint: to make the game faster and more dynamic and to solve the problem of chasing. Here are some other good reasons why sprint is good:

- You can use it to lose the player who is covering you and go behind his back to create a hole, your teammate can use to pass you.
- You can use the sprint to position yourself on the field better and faster.
- You can use it to cover the striker better when you are defending.
- You can use it to shoot more powerful shots.
- You can use it as a GK to defend better.
- In 3v3 on Classic when your team was at the defense, and the opponent GK had the ball, 99% of the time attacking the GK was a mistake. It was better to just wait for him and eventually attack him when he was on our side of the field. With sprint this is now much more complicated and teams can use sprint to invent a whole new category of defending strategies.
- Sprint makes the BUS strategy less effective, because you can use it to mess with the defenders more and be more deceptive + your GK can shoot a bit more powerful shots and he can move faster.
- Managing the sprint to maximize its full potential is a whole new skill. You have to decide if you want to use it now or maybe it would be better to wait a bit. Should you use it all of it or just a bit? What is the current state of sprint of your teammates and your opponent? Should you try to posses the ball a bit longer to let your sprint regenerate?

Along with the sprint I have introduced a new switch trick, that lets you dribble better and make much more dynamic moves.

Both the sprint and the switch trick are nicely balanced and the sprint also work differently on every stadium, depending on its size.

Sprint is adding so much more to the gameplay, why most of the old community do not like this?

The reasons:
- As I already mentioned people are not willing to learn new things. Some are afraid that they will not master it. Some are afraid to lose because they are yet not so good at using the new skills. Some just liked the state of being very good at the game without the sprint and they don't want this to be changed.
- Many people (especially young) do not have their own opinion. They follow the opinion of others without checking the facts. If the leaders of the community or people older than them will say the sprint is bad, they will follow, because they see these people as authorities.
- Some people like the sprint, but are afraid to say their opinion because their friends may laugh at them or isolate them from their group.
- Some people like the sprint but they will not play it because there is not enough people to play with using sprint and there are no leagues or tournaments, so it makes no sense to learn this new skill.

This is my point of view. If you think the sprint breaks the gameplay of Ball 3D, press the Reply button and tell me why you think so. But do this only if you are intelligent enough to discuss with me using high quality arguments. Other posts will be removed. People trying to spread hate will be banned, so I don't do this please.

I hope to hear some valuable opinion and start some interesting discussion, without emotions. Let's just discuss the facts to make the game we love better.
Aug 26 @ 10:40am
In topic Welcome new players!
I do not read private messages on Discord, if you want to talk there you need to use the public channels.
Aug 26 @ 1:43am
In topic Pls Mute XFV
Thank you for the report, I redirected it to the admins.

Please next time send it to, as this forum is not for sending reports.
If you see a login error, try to restart steam and your router. If this will not help, reset your windows firewall like here:
Aug 25 @ 12:43pm
In topic Help! I can't login this game
One of Ball 3D admins had this problem and the answer was to reset his firewall (Windows Defender).

Here you have methods how to reset your firewall, try it:

Restart your computer after this.
Aug 25 @ 10:44am
In topic Help! I can't login this game
Try to ping this ip

Do you have any antivirus or malware protection tool, anything like this?
Aug 25 @ 10:34am
In topic Help! I can't login this game
Try to open the CMD.exe and write: ping

If it's blocked it means you probably blocked in your firewall/antivirus by accident.
Aug 25 @ 10:18am
In topic Pls MUTE SpaseKill Or Spaso
Do you know any other person who can confirm this screenshot?

We decided to not punish people if we don't have at least the full screenshot of the situation.

I also plan to add a better reporting feature in the future.
Aug 25 @ 10:17am
In topic Help! I can't login this game
The problem may be in firewall. Check if the domain is not blocked. Also try to open website and also try to ping, let me know if the ping went OK or not.
Aug 24 @ 11:09pm
In topic Ball 3D is changing
This game was on ESL, people play it as an e-sport since 2012. We had countless leagues and tournaments, including national cups where people represent their countries. So even though the game is not worth anything for you, many players were able to appreciate the deepness of Ball 3D.
Aug 24 @ 11:05pm
In topic Help! I can't login this game
I have contacted Steam. I have the same problem when I login to Steam Developer Tools when I am making the update of the game. Then I just need to restart Steam.

Is there any chance that someone is using your Steam on other PC or that you are login to any other website or app using the Steam login?

Have you been able to login at least once to Ball 3D?

Do you have any login problems in other multiplayer steam games?
Aug 24 @ 10:23pm
In topic Help! I can't login this game
I will contact Steam today to ask for solution.
Aug 24 @ 10:25am
In topic Pls MUTE SpaseKill Or Spaso
Do you have a replay from this situation?
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