Phantom Akechi
Yan Shu-chi?   Hamburg, Germany
The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed!

*I am Death, the 13th Arcana... I am merely a harbinger of the Fall... Although, Nyx and myself are now one in the same. What people fear most... What they try to ignore... That is what I am!*

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toetmined Sep 12 @ 1:24pm 
I will find you and I will kill you
vodka Aug 14 @ 12:41pm 
:rep2: fair and nice Killer
BroPai_Victorus Aug 14 @ 6:09am 
+rep good killer
-rep because you didn't meme with me
TheUnknownAimbot Aug 1 @ 7:48am 
You're welcome :D
TheUnknownAimbot Aug 1 @ 7:27am 
Hey, I see you also have a problem with McAfee blocking UCN, I fixed this by putting an execption on it. All you have to do is restore it if it was blocked it, by clicking the gear icon, and going to Quarantined Items, clicking the drop down, selecting it, and clicking restore twice.

Then, go to Real Time Scanning, click the drop down, then add file, then go to Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> UCN and adding the .exe to the excuded files list, and you should be good to open UCN
Flump mag Peanut Jul 24 @ 9:12am